Lucy Has A Blog

I’ve written about Lucy before, and I’m sure you could find my posts about her if you tried. I’m not going to link them here though, because I’ve been feeling a little paranoid. See this friend of mine, whom I call Lucy, started her own blog recently. On wordpress. And I’m afraid she’ll find the […]


So sorry I haven’t blogged in such a long time. I’ve been super busy with Nanowrimo and applying to college and all that fun stuff. Thankfully I haven’t been as stressed out as I was this time last year, which is why I leaned so heavily on writing. I think I’m going to be okay, […]

Flashback Friday: My First Nanowrimo

Nanowrimo, or National Novel Writing Month, is a writing challenge in which participants attempt to write 50,ooo words in 30 days, usually the month of November. I was introduced to Nanowrimo by my eighth grade English teacher.┬áHer name is Mrs. Swackhamer. She is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I had never considered […]

Returning to Nanowrimo

Now that November is just two weeks away, I thought it was about time to log back on to my account and set up my novel for this year’s Nanowrimo challenge! Even just this alone made me excited. My story is going to be a sci-fi space adventure; how fitting that I’m going to […]

Homecoming 2016 and First Place

Homecoming this year was way different than Homecoming last year. Last year I was so angsty and preoccupied with trivial social issues. This year was way more chill. (Check out my post from last year here.) Like last year, we didn’t go to the dance. Unlike last year, we wanted to (it’s senior year, you […]

Words of Encouragment for Nanowrimo

I was talking with my dad about some plot points for my Nanowrimo novel this year when he told me, “You know this is never going to get published, right?” … Uh. Dad. That’s exactly the kind of thing you want to tell your daughter who wants to write books for a living. Needless to […]