The People in My Head

I have writers block. I can’t find a good book to read and I’m struggling to write the climax of my nanowrimo novel. So I wrote this instead. I was standing on a stage in a dark room with no doors. It was a familiar place; I had been there many times before. It was […]

The Last Man Standing

He stood at the top of a hill, his long white beard flowing in the wind. Scars on his hands and wrinkles on his face: this man had been aged by something other than time. The trials he had faced were evident in his eyes. They were missing a glint of joy or hope. Sadness […]


What is that Oozing out the side of my head My brain, overworked, Fried, melted, Spilling out my ear Making a gray puddle on the floor. Why My hands They keep shaking Why doesn’t it stop Why am I shaking What is this? A wet mark on my nose A tear Or two A river […]

Walking Along a Beach…

One grain of sand Seemingly insignificant Shuffled by the waves Rolled around in the ocean Part of something bigger than itself- A shoreline, a beach An abode for tiny creatures A safe haven for weary travelers One grain of sand on its own- Nothing But multiplied and scattered over the earth. One grain of sand […]


Gray buildings on a gray background A blank sky, waiting to be colored in By rays of sunlight peeking though The snowy clouds. The cobblestone streets are wet with half-melted snowflakes Snowflakes that land on my tongue and the tip of my nose. Laughter, accompanied by visible puffs of breath, breaks the silence of the […]

A Poem

Simple black ink in a simple girl’s hand Can easily become a complicated illustration An image in the mind. A single word can invoke powerful emotion. A single sentence can lift hope. A single speech can rally armies. With a couple words one could change the world, Or at least change your mind.