Happy Birthday to Me

So this post looks a lot like I’m fishing for birthday wishes. I’m not, I promise, but if you would like to wish me a happy birthday I will gladly accept it. Yesterday I turned 17. It feels the same as 16, honestly, though it’s only been a day. Maybe it will feel different later. […]


So back at the beginning of May I took my SAT test. I was kind of nervous about it, but also kind of overconfident because I’m pretty good at taking tests. So I didn’t study, which may or may not have been problematic, but I hate studying anyway. Here’s the thing, if you are in […]


Not the sleeping kind. Do you ever want something so bad it scares you? Like, I do all this dreaming and planning and hoping and wishing, but what if I never get it? And what if I do get it, but it’s not all I’ve dreamed it to be? It makes me afraid to dream […]

Captain America Civil War

Okay, there will probably be spoilers ahead. Just be aware. Spoilers, guys. I’m serious. I’m not going to cut out anything that might ruin the movie for you…. I really loved this movie. Most all Marvel movies are well done, and this one was no exception. Here were just a few thoughts I had after […]

Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’

Oh wow. I just found this post that I had written a while ago. It’s about the person I hate the most (which, coincidentally, I blogged about just yesterday. WordPress tells me I wrote this about 200 days ago. I was very frustrated with them, but when reading back over the texts…wow. I was vicious […]

Memorial Day

To all the soldiers that have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country: thank you. Words can not describe the immense respect and appreciation I have for the men and women that serve our country. Their service and sacrifice make it possible for us to be free. I want to recognize the families […]

Band Banquet

One of the most fun things I think about band banquet is dressing up. I love doing my hair and makeup, especially when doing it with friends. Fashion’s not my strong suit, and I feel like I don’t own a lot of cute clothes, but every once and a while I find something to wear […]