So sorry I haven’t blogged in such a long time. I’ve been super busy with Nanowrimo and applying to college and all that fun stuff. Thankfully I haven’t been as stressed out as I was this time last year, which is why I leaned so heavily on writing. I think I’m going to be okay, you know?

Some fun things that have been happening recently:

  • We won super regionals AND state at the end of our marching band season. We went the season winning every competition we went to. What was super cool is that as one of the guard captains, I got to recieve the trophies and awards in front of all the other bands.
  • I started Sociology with a pretty cool teacher named Mr. Stag. Sociology is actually pretty cool I’m really enjoying it.
  • Lucy got a blog. On WordPress. (This is not a fun thing or a good thing). I’m worried she’s going to find my blog and find the things I’ve written about her, which were not entirely complimentary. And there’s no way she wouldn’t know it was me if she found this blog either. My whole anonymity would be destroyed…
  • I read Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, which was so fantastic. For some reason people have been kind of negative about it, but I don’t understand that. I loved every bit of it, especially Scorpius Malfoy. He was the best.
  • I’m about halfway through my Nanowrimo today (30k out of 60k). I’m not on track, but next week is Thanksgiving break, so there’ll be lots of time to recover.

So that’s all that’s been happening with me. I probably won’t write again until Nanowrimo is over; I’ll see you again in December!


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