Returning to Nanowrimo

Now that November is just two weeks away, I thought it was about time to log back on to my account and set up my novel for this year’s Nanowrimo challenge!

Even just this alone made me excited. My story is going to be a sci-fi space adventure; how fitting that I’m going to “launch my novel.” 🙂

The title I have at the moment for this novel is “Something Heroic” (though hopefully I will come up with something better as the writing begins). My story is going to be about a girl, Zoey Astor, who finds herself on a spaceship called the Odysseus. The crew of the Odysseus goes around the galaxy saving various heroes in danger. While doing this they explore whether or not they themselves are heroic and what heroism really is. Zoey also struggles with feeling valued and finding her place in the world as she grows up. (There’s more to it than just that, but obviously I don’t want my ideas to be taken.)

My inspiration for Zoey Astor has come a lot from my own experiences and my own current fears about growing up. I don’t want to make my main character myself (because that never works out well) but I like to think that Zoey is what I could have been if I was a little sassier, a little more wheels-off, and a little more scared.

In planning this novel I did a lot of work in coming up with the crew of the Odysseus. I wanted to have a strong cast of characters to keep the novel consistent throughout the many setting changes I have planned. The crew includes a captain that really struggles with being heroic (he wants to do the right thing, but he isn’t sure if doing the right thing is always the heroic thing), a fourth-wall breaking drunk that believes nothing is real and we’re all just characters in a book,  a female assassin that struggles with balancing strength and feminity, and a few (more stable) others.

I’m really excited to explore these characters as well as the sci-fi universe I’ve set up for this novel. 🙂 Creating and following rules to my sci-fi world will be a little more difficult (and it’s really hard to plan). Hopefully that will develop naturally as I write.

The Nano website also has you pick a cover for your novel as you create it. I picked a picture of an asteroid collision because it’s pretty spacey and I have another plot twist in mind. Here it is:

There were a lot of pretty pictures of space, real and generated, but some of them looked too fake or too typical sci-fi. There are a LOT of cliche and overdone things in science fiction. One of the challenges I have while writing something in the sci-fi genre is staying away from all the things that have been done too many times.

After creating the file for my novel this year I had to go through and update my profile. It’s only been a year, but some things have changed. My lifetime word count was there too: 150,238 words. (how do I have that many words inside my head?)

My goal this Nanowrimo is not to write something to get published, not to write something absolutely amazing, but to write the story that’s been stuck in my head like a pop song for the past year. I want to write it fully and completely. I aim to write 60,000 words this year (I’ve never done that much in such a short amount of time, I’m kind of nervous).

Any of yall doing Nanowrimo this year? Comment and let me know your plans!


2 thoughts on “Returning to Nanowrimo

  1. Wow, that sounds like a super fun story. I’m all about space and superhero stories!

    I’m torn between writinf about a superheroes story or galactic quest story. They’re both so fun…

    Woohoo for NaNo!

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