Homecoming 2016 and First Place

Homecoming this year was way different than Homecoming last year. Last year I was so angsty and preoccupied with trivial social issues. This year was way more chill. (Check out my post from last year here.)

Like last year, we didn’t go to the dance. Unlike last year, we wanted to (it’s senior year, you should at least go to the dance once, right?). But that was physically impossible. We had a marching band competition that day. So we made plans to go out to dinner together on Sunday instead.

Saturday: The Competition

Last year at this same competition we won first place, but just barely. So this year we got to pick our performance time (we went last). It was really relaxed, really nice. We won first place in prelims, which was pretty exciting (we did when first at our last competition, so I wasn’t that surprised). Everyone was really excited about our show. Everywhere we went people were complimenting us or telling us that our show was really awesome or just staring. I felt like we were some kind of celebrities.

Our show is really well written this year (and that’s no work on our part, we just do what they tell us). And because it’s well written it’s designed to score higher. So we score higher.

We won first place in finals, which was nice. As one of the captains I got to accept all the awards we won (not only first place but the awards for best music, best visual, and best general effect). That was probably the most exciting part, standing in front of everyone and accepting our awards. I’m very honored to be a part of that.

I don’t have as much passion for colorguard and marching band as I used to. I’m ready to get out of high school, to go to college. And colorguard is just another thing holding me back. Yes, it’s amazing to win. But when we win that means we have to work harder to outdo ourselves the next time, to prove we really earned first place the time before. And there’s not much of myself left that I can give to marching band.

Saturday was great, but Sunday was better.

Sunday: The Dinner

Last year I was super obsessed with the fact that the guy I liked was dating by best friend Maroon and that they were going to the dance together (I’ve called him J in past posts, but every other person I write about has a color name) (I’ll call him Jasper now). I’ve decided to let go of my crush on him (see post Uncrushed) but for some reason I spend a lot of time with him during this year’s Homecoming.

Anyway, we met up at one of my friends’ house to take pictures. Jasper actually got there late, which was kind of funny. We took most of the pictures without him. Then we all got in different cars to go to dinner. I thought Maroon was going to drive me, but it turned out that she was driving her boyfriend, Silver, and driving more than one person is illegal when you’re not eighteen. Also, I would have been a third wheel.

So I rode with Minty. It was odd. Minty and I haven’t always gotten along. But we got along really well all throughout Homecoming.

I described this in my post Slight Friendship Crisis (I know I’m linking all of the posts, but these social things kind of go together) but Minty and I have kind of been battling to be Maroon’s best friend. And Minty kind of won (since Maroon told her about dating Silver and didn’t tell me). So I was surprised that Minty was so eager to have me ride with her to the dinner, and wanted me to sit next to her (though she ended up sitting next to Maroon).

The ironic part of her declaring herself Maroon’s best friend over me is that Maroon is horrible with people. She can only deal with one person at a time. So when she’s out to dinner with her boyfriend, she’s ignoring everyone else. Minty may have beat me, but all she got from Maroon was being ignored. I gave up and sat with some other friends at dinner and quite enjoyed myself. Minty got all the consequences of being a third wheel.

These “other friends” that I sat with included one of my least favorite people, Lucy. (More links: read about her here, here, and here.) A quick summary of all I’ve ever said about her: I feel like she’s replacing me in my friend group, she’s super clingy, and she pretends to like things other people like just to fit in. She vexes me. But I ended up sitting across from her during dinner. It actually wasn’t that bad. She wasn’t trying too hard like she usually does. I also sat near two other girls who’s company I enjoy: Aquamarine and Cornflower (ok Cornflower is a bad name but it’s a really pretty color, just deal with it). Aquamarine and I have been friends since we were four, so it’s actually kind of surprising that I haven’t posted about her yet. I met Cornflower in fifth grade. She’s pretty cool. Also near-ish to us was Lila (I mentioned her once I think in another post, idk where). Lila, Maroon, and I were all really close in elementary school, and that bond has pretty much lasted since then.

There were a lot of people at that Homecoming dinner, obviously I can’t go into detail about all of them. I’m sorry if it’s hard to keep all my friends straight.

Dinner was lovely. I think we had all the same food as last year, tiramisu and all. It was pretty yummy. I got the feeling that the staff didn’t really want us to be there, or that they didn’t like big groups of teenagers. We were a really big group. There were about fifteen of us total.

After dinner, I rode back to another friend’s house in Minty’s car. Jasper and Lucy rode with us as well. It was a pretty fun ride. Minty was kind of clingy to me, not in an annoying way like Lucy usually is, but like she was afraid of getting left out of things now that Maroon had turned all her attention to Silver. It was nice to be needed, you know?

Last year I did everything I could to end up driving with Jasper (and I ended up in a truck full of immature boys). This year he’s the one that happened to end up in the car with me. I did nothing about it.

Life’s kind of funny that way.

Anyway, Minty, Lucy, Jasper, and I had a good ride all the way back home, we laughed and talked and got lost (which was my fault). Jasper and I have the same sense of humor. We were doing most of the laughing.

I don’t still have a crush on him. It would nice to be better friends with him though. Some relationships are meant to just be friendships.

When we finally arrived at the other friend’s house we all crashed on his couches and watched The Breakfast Club (I do have a post about The Breakfast Club but I’m not going to link it here because I don’t want to annoy you). Some members of our Homecoming party had never seen Breakfast Club before. Jasper and I were a couple of the only people who had, and we joked about which of our friends was most like which character in Breakfast Club and which parts were our favorites. (We agreed Molly Ringwald’s character was exactly like Minty and the flare gun part hit just a little too close to home.)

There was this one guy in the party that kept laughing at all the wrong parts… it was really uncomfortable. Like when Mr. Vernon yells at Bender and dares him to punch him. That’s supposed to be, like, a moment when we have really good insight into how damaged Bender is. And this guy was laughing.

I just made a face at him and shook my head disapprovingly. Jasper and I agreed that other guy must have really misunderstood the movie.

After The Breakfast Club was over, Minty wasn’t able to give me a ride home because she was having a sleepover with Maroon or something, so I awkwardly asked around if anyone was able to give me a ride. My parents were freaking out because it was after midnight and I needed to get home quickly. Jasper volunteered.

I went into this year’s Homecoming promising myself to not obsess about a boy or relationships or anything like that and ended up enjoying myself way more than a thought I would. (And getting to spend more time with a certain boy than I did last year when I was freaking out about him.)

Both days together added up to a very good weekend.


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