Flashback Friday: The Books That Inspire Me

When I was in fifth grade I discovered that I really, really liked to read. I always kind of knew I liked to read, but this was the year I figured out that I liked it more than the average fifth grader.

I took this new tidbit about myself and decided to run with it. I found the biggest books available in the library and checked them out as often as possible. I found a series of books that was big enough to take a long time, even for a fast reader like myself. These books were by one of my first favorite authors, Edward Eager.

I actually have the first book I read of his on my desk right now. It’s called Half Magic. It’s about a group of kids that find a magical coin that grants what they wish for, but only half of what they wish for. It’s funny, and the kids are all realistic and full of personality.

What I liked when I first read them was that the cover reminded me of a Roald Dahl book. The stories, too, are similarly quirky and full of adventure without getting too scary. I was obsessed with them as a fifth grader and checked out all the Edward Eager books as often as I could. I read them all, then re-read them all, then moved up to sixth grade and bought them all on my Kindle so I could re-read them all again.

The Edward Eager books ignited my imagination. You could never guess what was going to happen next (or at least, my fifth grade self couldn’t). These books turned me into a complete bookworm and made me love storytelling in a way no other book had before. There’s a sort of magic to Edward Eager’s books, a sort of undefinable charm that I will never be able to replicate in my own writing. Eager has inspired me to imagine what the world could be like with just a little bit of magic, and I hope that one day I can do the same for future readers.


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