My Third College Visit

The past few posts I’ve been careful not to tell you where I visited to keep up anonymity and blah blah blah. Forget it. I visited OU. A college I swore to myself I would not go to just because everyone else goes. But then I visited it and I liked it a lot.

The last post I made on this subject, cleverly named Before My Third College Visit, I joked that if I liked this college it would be like something from Pride and Prejudice (I hated it at first and now I like it, much like how Lizzy hated Mr. Darcy and then didn’t, whatever).

Well I’m not joking now. I was half-hoping I would get there and it would be horrible so that my decision would be easier. I would go with the school I visited on my second trip, Texas State.

But OU wasn’t horrible. It was amazing. The campus was beautiful, the people were so energetic, and it felt like home. The architecture was prettier than Texas State’s (which shouldn’t really be a big deal, but it made it feel more homey), the dorms were slightly bigger, the sports are better, so the students were all more excited about everything, and seem more united as a student body.

Ironically continuing the Pride and Prejudice theme, there’s another reason I like OU better than Texas State. No one goes to Texas State, which was something I found appealing at first. But even the people who are thinking of going there have it down as their second or third choice. It’s not a very prestigious school academically. When I thought I knew for sure that I was going to Texas State I would avoid mentioning it to my friends because when I did they gave me strange looks. But when I casually mentioned I was visiting OU, I found that three or four other people were planning on visiting as well. And they were excited about it. As I started thinking more about OU, I started noticing all the OU stuff all over the school. Signs in teachers’ classrooms, stickers on cars, t-shirts everywhere. People are proud to go to OU. And if I went there, that would be a community I would be proud to be from as well. Texas State, not so much.

More on pride: OU has a good football team. They are relevant among all  the colleges across the country. Everyone has at least heard of OU. Texas State, again, not so much.

I think I would be happy at Texas State. But I think I would be proud to go to OU.

Oh, academically as well. It’s harder to get into OU, harder to get into their Honor’s College. It’s prideful of me, but I would look smarter if I went to OU than if I went to Texas State.

I know I shouldn’t make a decision based on my ego. But I can’t ignore it or pretend it doesn’t make a difference. There were some other reasons I liked OU better:

  • It would be way colder than Texas State, since it’s farther north. I could actually get some snow.
  • It’s closer to home.
  • Their library looks like something from Hogwarts.
  • I know some people that go there, so if I needed help figuring out where my classes are or what meal plan to get they can help me.
  • The buildings/campus in general are/is beautiful. It feels like a different world, like a college campus should. Not like Texas State, which just had white blocks for buildings
  • OU was flat, unlike Texas State, which was very hilly
  • OU has better programs, especially in dance and football. I never realized that  would make a difference, but it gives something for the students to rally around and participate in together, whether they are watching or performing

I just wish the choice was easy, so I would know for sure whether or not I’m making the wrong one.


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