My Brother Has a Date to Homecoming

My little brother has a date to homecoming. And I don’t.

I’m not one of those girls that doesn’t feel valued unless I have a guy. I know better. But all the same, it’s hard to see my brother, a freshman in high school, easily have a date to the first dance of the year. I’m a senior in high school. I’ve never had a date.

I think there’s something wrong with high school boys. There are very few dateable ones. And if they are decent (as in, not obnoxious or crude or a total idiot) then they’re either already dating someone, or gay. Or both.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to make this about me. My brother (whom I’ve called Cobalt in this blog) has been friends with this girl at our church. They serve together every week in the Kindergarten room. She’s cute, tall, skinny, with long blond hair. I will call her Candy.

Cobalt and Candy had been friends for some time before he asked her to the dance. He would never talk to us about her. My other sisters and I would always ask, “Do you like Candy? Are you guys just friends? Is she dating someone? Do you have a crush on someone else, or do you like Candy?” Nothing. But we would see the two of them talking all the time, so clearly there was something.

After they’s known each other for some time, Cobalt started wanting to go to church earlier than the rest of us (because of his serving responsibilities or whatever) and, convienently, Candy offered up her family to take him.

This carpool situation had been happening for some time when the parents started figuring out what was going on. Candy’s parents began awkwardly talking with my parents. My parents invited them over to dinner.

Everything was super unclear. Were they dating? Were they friends? Are they family friends now that all the parents are talking?

After the dinner my mom pulled Cobalt aside and had a conversation with him.

“Candy is homeschooled, right?” she asked.


“Okay, well, you’re in high school now and have the opportunity to go to Homecoming. Since she’s homeschooled, she won’t get a chance to go to the dance unless someone asks her. If you like her as more than a friend, even a little bit, it would be a good idea to ask her to the dance.”


And that was it. He didn’t give any indication that he was going to ask her, didn’t ask one of his four sisters ,”hey, what’s the best way to ask a girl to a dance?” or ask his older sister, “hey, Celadon, what’s Homecoming like, anyway?”

Nothing. And then after church one Sunday my mom pulled me aside and told me Cobalt had asked Candy out. I had so many questions. How did he do it? What did she say? I interrogated my brother later. He answered me with as few syllables as possible.

She had said yes. That was all that was important.

I talked to my mom a couple nights later. I had heard Cobalt mention  that he and Candy might tag along with my group of friends to Homecoming. I didn’t mind that idea, I like my brother, but I was curious to know if that was still the plan now that Candy was going with him for sure.

Through my mom I found that Cobalt said he and Candy would go to Homecoming with me if it was a double date. As in, if I got a date to Homecoming.


As if.

So basically I won’t be going to Homecoming with my brother.

Not everyone else can find a relationship like that so easily, Cobalt.


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