Before My Third College Visit

Tomorrow morning I’m hitting the road again with my dad to visit another college, this one only 2 hours north of us. I feel kind of weird about this one, about chosing a college to go to in general. What if I hate it? I liked the last college I visited, but did I like it enough? And what if I love it? Will I be able to tell if I love it more than the last one?

They say that the moment you step onto the campus you know whether or not it’s a school you can go to. And I’ve experienced that on my last two college visits, so I know it’s true. It just seems like a shame to drive all the way up there and then know after a few seconds.

So this college that I will be visiting tomorrow is one that I promised myself a couple years ago that I would not go to. I had all these ideas in my head why I didn’t like it:

  • A lot of people from my school go there (and I didn’t want to do what everyone else does)
  • It’s in Oklahoma (I have something against Oklahoma for some reason)
  • It seems like a party school, and I’m not a party sort of girl

I don’t know… none of those reasons are really valid reasons to not consider a college… but I’ve had this prejudice against this school for so long. I’m almost hoping I’ll get there and hate it just so I can prove myself right.

But at the same time, I’ve been learning lots of good things about this school:

  • It gives lots of scholarships to people from my school (which is why so many of them go there)
  • Sure, a lot of people from my high school have ended up there, but it’s big enough that I don’t have to see them if I don’t want to. But I could if I did.
  • The weather is colder than where I live (just a little) and definitely colder than the other college I like (which is five hours south)
  • Apparently the campus is really pretty.

I’ve found myself in a scene from Pride and Prejudice, except instead of being wrongly prejudiced about Mr. Darcy I’m (possibly) wrongly prejudiced against a school.

Eh. I’d prefer Mr. Darcy.

Sorry, nerd moment. But really, I’m a little nervous about the visit tomorrow. I’ll be sure to write in the car on the way home and tell all of you what I think.

What’s important to me is that my college experience launches me into adult life and into my career as a writer. Obviously that is not a very lucrative job (except for people like J.K. Rowling) so I don’t want to have piles of student debt. 

Some of the things I want in a college:

  • Affordable
  • Many people to interact with (specifically like-minded people, so I would want like a Bible Study or a faith group)
  • Lots of classes where I can learn lots of different things. I like school, I like learning. The last college I visited offered random classes on Tolkien and the History of Baseball. I want to be able to take classes like that and learn as much as I can while I’m still in a learning environment.
  • I want to be challenged as a writer. I want to be a published author as soon as possible. (A published book could help me pay for school.)
  • Far enough away from home that it’s inconvienent for me to come home just whenever (so I force myself to make friends) but close enough that I don’t miss out on my sibling’s lives.

And yeah I think that’s it. I wish I figured this out when I was younger. It’s my senior year; I need to be applying to colleges now, not figuring out which ones I want to go to. But when I was fifteen and sixteen the idea of college scared me. I didn’t want to thnk about it, I didn’t want to make decisions. There was just too much, it was too overwhelming.

But really it’s not overwhelming if you narrow it all down. Once you figure out what you want, there are only so many choices.

That’s my new worry: what if there’s not a college for me? What if I’ve narrowed it down too much?

I guess we’ll just have to see what happens tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Before My Third College Visit

  1. You might not see this until after your tour tomorrow, but I want to wish you the best of luck! I also want to strongly recommend checking out some junior colleges during your search, because they are an affordable way to conquer those general education classes that come before the fun stuff (major-related classes, woohoo!). As a writer to writer, I go to a JC, and it’s great! The general ed. definitely takes longer than you’d think, so a JC makes it much more budget-friendly. Another plus regarding JCs is that it bridges the gap quite nicely between high school and college, and there’s a lot more support to explore other realms (I want to be a writer, but I’m also studying culinary arts). There is a great support system going on too, and they’ll help you further in finding a college well-suited for you. Just an idea to throw into the pot of possibilities. If you’re ever interested, you’re more than welcome to comment or message me further about junior college. I’m an advocate for JCs and want to shine a positive spotlight on them. Another writer-to-writer tidbit is that I completely understand the desire of wanting to publish a book now, and it frustrates me that I don’t spend more time on my writing… but what I’ve learned is that you don’t have to let being an author box you in. As a writer, you want to take joy in a multitude of things, and exploring an extra class or dabble in one other major will add so much to your writing possibilities. Buuut, if you pursue an English-major until the end, you can bet I’m going to root for you. And buy your book. No matter what happens, your blog readers and I support your decisions, and I hope that you find the best suitable option for you and your goals. šŸ™‚ Good luck (again)!

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