Letter From the Editor

This is a letter I wrote for my school newspaper as the new Editor-in-Chief that I would like to share with you all. More stories from Newspaper will be posted as I get them done. 🙂

When I first joined the staff of the [newspaper], I never thought that I would be an editor. Much less Editor-in-Chief. But sometimes life surprises you and passions are found in the most unexpected places. Through newspaper I’ve been given the opportunity to write and to tell stories—your stories—and that’s something I truly enjoy.

The newspaper staff is shrinking. Newspapers themselves are becoming more and more irrelevant as current events become more prevalent online. But we’re doing our best to change, to adapt, to move with the times. This year we hope to focus more on the unique stories of the individuals around (school) and craft content that students can relate to and to attract more people into what we do here.

Our hope as a staff is to make the [newspaper] interesting, entertaining, and informative; something that students enjoy to read. But with a staff of five, it’s going to be difficult. I depend heavily on each member and would never have made it this far without any of them.

Thank you for reading the first issue of the [newspaper], even if your teacher is requiring you to do so. Hopefully we won’t bore you to death.





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