SOS: Literary Critiques

Help needed! Concerning literary classics, dusty old books that stand the test of time. Some of them, like Hamlet, are clear to understand why they have lasted for so long. Others, not so much.

For me, classic literature is a hit or miss. Some of it, like Hamlet, Pride in Prejudice, and The Great Gatsby have become some of my very favorite books. But others I could live without, like the Scarlet Letter.

This year for English we will have to read a new book every month and write an essay over it. We’ve been given a list of books to choose from (all books that have been referenced on the AP exam).  I thought the best place to ask about classic literature was a group of writers, so what do you guys think? Here’s the list of books:

Do you guys have any suggestions? I’ve been looking into Emma by Jane Austen and The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde but I need a few more. Any horribly boring ones I should stay away from? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “SOS: Literary Critiques

  1. Picture of Dorian Grey is an excellent book, one of my favorite stories! I’ve yet to read Emma, though I’ve read many of Austen’s other books and they are all very engaging stories.

    Brave New World: an easy read, and easy to write an essay on!
    Catch-22 is entertaining, though it’s a little on the sad side. Easy!
    Crime & Punishment: one of my favorite stories, a little long, and it may come off a little boring at first. Depends on your reading preference, and I do know a lot of readers think his stories a dull.
    David Copperfield: long book! Great story, but yeah, long book. Same with Great Expectations. Even without a deadline on my part, these two books will take quite some time to read!
    1984: easy, and an excellent classic that should be read by everyone!
    The Importance of Being Earnest: great story and easy book!
    Joy Luck Club: loved it, definitely recommend. Medium-length book compared to some of the books on this list.
    Lord of the Flies: hated the story, but an easy book.
    Slaughterhouse Five: Vonnegut is a very interesting author — worth a try! Not too long of a book, either.
    Snow Falling on Cedars: Haven’t read this one yet, but I’ve heard rave reviews of it.
    Wuthering Heights: ehh… I know a lot of people like this love/revenge story, but I found it kind of drab and it took me forever to read through. But another well known classic, maybe worth a try!

    Hope this was helpful! Good luck!

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