Fangirling over Pride and Prejudice

WARNING: obsessive silliness ahead. This blog post is not serious in the slightest.

So Pride and Prejudice. Well-written with beautiful language and interesting take on the social issues for women of that time period. Incredible round characters with life-like flaws and vices. But right now I want to talk about the fluffy stuff. 🙂

I absolutely LOVED Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I just finished it today and that makes me pretty sad because it was so good! I haven’t found the movie yet, but to tide me over until I can get more of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy I went on the internet and found more Pride and Prejudice things.

It was just so well written. The characters were so real. Some were so infuriating with all their flaws and stuff, but other were just lovely 🙂


I also love all the sisters in Pride in Prejudice! I have four siblings myself (though one is a brother) and I loved all the sibling things throughout the book. It was so accurate! The eldest daughter was my favorite 🙂 She seemed so confused when there were other siblings that didn’t get along. Like she couldn’t actually understand how siblings couldn’t love one another. She was so cute.

This is pretty. I love all the quotes and things. Jane Austen is such a beautiful writer.

Here’s another one with quotes and illustrations. 🙂

What is this, Elizabeth and Darcy? When did this happen in the book, this is so cute 🙂

I found a few more silly things like this:

Same Darcy. I’m also an introvert.

This must be the mother. She did talk too much.

Ew Mr. Collins. He was one of the most annoying characters. He was kind of funny though, especially how all the other characters related to him. Everybody hated Mr. Collins.

And here are some more quotes…

And that’s all I’ve found! I hope you enjoyed this silliness 🙂 If you also love Pride and Prejudice comment and let me know your favorite part!


2 thoughts on “Fangirling over Pride and Prejudice

  1. I don’t think I have any favourite part. Except that my whole family loves it and whenever we meet we just talk quoting it (from time to time and when the situation allows it-otherwise it would just be plain weird) But I have to admit,the newest version of Pride and prejudice I like the least.My favourite is the one with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.But my dad showed me the version from 1940,black and white, with Laurence Olivier ! And if you get a chance-watch it! It is so worth it!

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