Life Gets In The Way (Also, College?)

So tomorrow I leave for camp (!!!) which I will definitely be posting about when I have more time because it’s such an amazing experience. But as soon as I get back from camp I will start band camp.

I’m a little less excited for band camp. I will be at school from 7:30 in the morning to 9 at night. All of August. Most of it will be outside and it will be hot. Over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 😑

Anyway it’s my last one so I’ll survive. I’m telling you these things because I won’t have a lot of time to blog.

Hey if you miss me this next month check out some of my popular posts from a couple months ago: Makeup and Band Banquet.

There was one thing I wanted to write before real life gets in the way. I think I’ve figured out which college I want to go to. It’s the second one of two that I’ve visited. I like the atmosphere, I like how far it is from where I live and that it’s still in state.

But I’m worried I made my decision too quickly. I’m tired of worrying about college and stressing over where I’m going to go. Am I just giving up? I feel like I should visit more than two schools. But I also feel like I really like the school that I’ve found.

My grades and scores are high enough. I’ll be automatically accepted and get into the honors college too. I don’t say this to brag. All my friends are looking at Ivy League schools. I feel mediocre in comparison, settling for a public school. I have to remind myself that I’m still a good student, that the smartness that I have is still good for something, even if it’s not Harvard.

What I’m worried about is paying for it. I have good grades, but not great enough to get a full ride anywhere (probably). And my parents have made it clear I’m paying for college on my own. So a private school is basically out, unless I somehow get a lot of money from somewhere.

The school I like is achievable, concerning both money and grades. And I like it, it’s pretty and big and full of people that seem to value their education, which is what’s important to me. I currently go to a rich kid white school. All my peers care about is parties and crap like that.

Another thing: the school I like has a reputation for being a party school. How much should I care about that? I think school is what you make it, so if I want to party I’ll hang out with like-minded people and if I don’t, I won’t. So maybe I’ll be fine.

But then I get weird looks from my high-achieving peers when I mention the school I like. They think I’m under-achieving. They scoff at me. They ask why I bothered to visit it, surely I’m not considering it, right? Eek

What do you guys think? Any advice here? Should I look at more schools? Any thoughts at all would be helpful!


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