No More

Let’s play a game. I’m going to list a few random cities and you can tell me what they have in common.






Terrorists. Protesters. Police Officers. People with opinions. More terrorists.

When did we become numb to these things? When did violence become commonplace?

When I heard about the terrorist attack in Paris, I started to cry. I live in the United States. I don’t know anyone from France. I’ve never visited Paris. But the idea that someone would do something like that and hurt all those people was horrible. I remember sitting alone on the kitchen floor holding my Bible and looking through it, wondering why, why why.

There is evil in this world. It’s impossible to ignore. And it doesn’t belong to just one group of people, one religion, one race. Evil is when someone picks up a gun, intending to kill another human being. Evil is when someone drives a truck with the intent of causing mayhem and chaos and death. Evil isn’t some storybook idea. It’s the people today that try to destroy one another.

Life is sacred. But nowadays life is too easily simplified into numbers. I see another city in a hashtag on Twitter or on the news and all I think is how many. How many lives were lost to evil today. 84? 5? 49? Do those numbers even mean anything anymore? Do they even matter? And what about the other numbers, the numbers of people that lost a father or mother or sibling or child?

Is this really the world we live in

The scary thing is that I woke up this morning, checked my phone, saw that Nice had been attacked, and I wasn’t even surprised. I cried for Paris, but today I wasn’t even surprised. Have I become desensitized to evil? It’s like I’ve lost some part of my humanity, or the whole world has now that these things have become commonplace.

Where are the heroes? In stories when there is evil, there are always heroes that rise up to fight it.

But this isn’t a story.

Am I supposed to be the hero?

Are you?

Certainly not either of the presidential candidates.

Where are the heroes?

What are we supposed to do about this? We can’t just sit and watch another city suffer. We must push back against this insanity. No more innocent lives lost. No more violence. No more evil. We can’t live in a world where evil is an acceptable, everyday thing.


2 thoughts on “No More

  1. The answer to solving this is incredibly difficult. When hearing about the problems in our own country and government, I asked my mom what we’re supposed to do about it. Vote? Research where our money goes? Protest? Fight? Sometimes it seems as though there might be no answer, but I refuse to give up on my family, friends, or world.

    I go against evil by being positive and kind. By being a spark in the grim world. However, sometimes it feels like I’m doing nothing… but I know that if everyone took an active approach to hate and anger and violence with love, we might be able to get somewhere. Negative things, such as money, power, and hatred, have fueled us for too long – for all of our history!

    We are the heroes of today and tomorrow, and we can all make a positive mark… I know it might sound like a fairytale or an anime script, but I do believe that genuine love, acceptance, and kindness towards one another is a way to start.

    Beautiful post, especially when you took a look at what “evil” is.

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    1. Thank you for your comment and view point! It’s true that simple acts of kindness don’t seem as significant, but I think those can make all the difference. It’s just hard to see that when every thing else is so overwhelmingly bad.

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