Disney 2016 | Day 3: Magic Kingdom

My dad made a list of everything that we wanted to do and what times everything would happen. We made fun of him a little bit for it because my dad never plans anything, but it actually worked out really well. We were at the park from a little after 8 in the morning to almost midnight. And the whole day we were running from one ride to the next, to snacks to characters back to rides. It was crazy. Totally worth it, but crazy.


The first thing we did was meet Tinkerbell in Pixie Hollow, which was on Main Street. Tink was super cute, as always. My sister Saffron brought a tiny stuffed plush Tink to show off, and the real Tink was so amazed. She said “This is what it must be like to be human! Usually I’m the six inch one being held in someone’s hand.” Then she took a picture with all of us, asked what our favorite lost things were, and was generally adorable. I love Tinkerbell.

Peter Pan Ride

The next thing we did was get in line for the Peter Pan ride. We had fast passes, which was good because for some reason wait time for that ride is always ridiculously long. It was the first ride we did, so my sisters were kind of nervous. They had no idea what to expect. Disney World was really the first theme park we went to as a family. My two youngest sisters, Lilac and Saffron, had never been on any kind of rollercoaster or ride before. The Peter Pan ride is pretty chill. It just goes through different scenes from the movie, but it makes it feel like you’re flying. So for Lilac, who is afraid of heights, that was not too fun at first.

Unfortunately, I got stuck in between Lilac and Saffron on one of the flying boats. We should have split them up maybe with our parents or between me and Magenta or Magenta and my brother Cobalt. Not both of them with me. I sat in the middle of the two of them and had to deal with their squeals and “ooh I don’t like this”s. On top of that, the ride stopped twice. Once was directly over the pirates and the other was right next to where Peter Pan fought the pirates. The first time I thought it might have stopped on purpose, like the pirates might have done something, but then the announcement came on telling us to stay in our seats. The stopping actually helped my siblings become more comfortable with the ride, so that worked out for the better.

It’s A Small World Ride

The next thing we did was the small world ride, a classic. It’s located right across the path from the Peter Pan ride, and since it was still early in the morning the wait was very short. Cobalt didn’t really want to go on the ride (he thought he was too cool for all of Disney World) but we forced him and I thinked he liked it.

The Small World ride is really something else. It kind of forcibly reminds you that America is not the only country in the world, and that Europe doesn’t contain all of the foreign countries (though most of the nationalities represented in the ride are European). I guess it’s supposed to make us celebrate the fact that…I don’t know, we’re all different? Celebrate our different nationalies and backgrounds? I don’t know, it’s just a river with a bunch of dancing dolls.

Jungle Cruise

The next fast pass we had for the day was Jungle Cruise. I love the Jungle Cruise. If you’ve never been on it, here’s a quick summary: basically, you travel down this river and the guy driving the boat gives this commentary the whole time. You see crocodiles (not real crocodiles) and hippos (also not real) and go through this scary temple thing and under a waterfall. The commentary is really the best part of the Jungle Cruise. They just make a bunch of jokes and puns the whole time. I ended up sitting right next to the boat driver, and many of his comments were made directly to me. He was pretty funny. As we were getting off the boat at the end of the Jungle Cruise I told our driver, who’s name was Matt, “Thank you!” He responded with “You’re welcome! I’m going to miss you! I don’t know you and I miss you already!”

Pretty funny.

Friendship Faire

After the Jungle Cruise we had a weird gap of time. We had to be at Cinderella’s castle for the princess lunch by 12, but we didn’t have enough time to go on another ride in between that (we only had like 40 minutes) but we couldn’t just stand around for 40 minutes and do nothing. We were just moseying our way back to the castle, not really sure what to do next, when an announcement came on and told us that Mickey’s Friendship Faire would be happening in front of Cinderella’s castle very soon! That show was one my sisters and I had wanted to see anyway, so we all grabbed hands and ran towards the front of the castle. I felt so cute, like I was five or something. 🙂

The show was fantastic. Basically Mickey and Minnie just brought out all these random Disney characters and they sang and danced to one of the songs from their movie. It was all the newer Disney stuff, so Tiana and Prince Naveen from Princess and the Frog came out, then Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled, then Anna and Elsa and Olaf from Frozen. So precious.

It was things like this, the shows and parades and such that really reminded me why I love Disney so much. Disney is all about storytelling and wishing and dreaming. Storytelling is my life. I hope to be able to make a living off of telling stories, to be an author when I grow up. And there’s Rapunzel up on that stage, telling me to dream and to believe in my dreams and all that other Disney magic. It was those experiences that really made me feel validated.

What does it take to write for Disney? Could I write the next Disney princess movie?

Cinderella Lunch

For lunch we went to Cinderella’s castle. There was a bit of trouble because my Aunt K and her daughter, Peyton, were supposed to meet with us and my Aunt M. We were going to have this cute girls’ lunch with my dad (my brother went off with Aunt M’s four boys and Uncle C to have lunch. He’s got something against magic and happiness). My Aunt K and Peyton were at Epcot, waiting for the Frozen ride that had just opened that morning, since Peyton is obessed with Frozen, like every five year old girl. The problem was, though, the ride had broken down. So my aunt and cousin had been waiting in line for three hours, then were told it broke, and then missed the bus back to Magic Kingdom, so they almost missed the princess lunch entirely.

They really did miss the princess lunch entirely. We went in without them and were told by the staff that that meant the others couldn’t come in after us. They had lost the reservation. Thankfully, my aunt fought them on that and ended up coming in for lunch with Peyton and her mom, my grandma, right as we were leaving. They also got fastpasses to get on the Frozen ride whenever they wanted. So at least they didn’t really miss anything.

The lunch was super cute. Four princesses came around as we were eating: Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, and Jasmine. And of course, we took pictures with Cinderella as we came in. (She was so cute and friendly!) Snow White and Aurora weren’t anything special, but they were still fun to talk to. Aurora looked around at all the girls, me, my four sisters, my mom, my Aunt M, and then commented to my dad that he must have to kill a lot of dragons with so many princesses. Ariel was just perfect. She’s my favorite Disney princess and I was so happy to see her. On one hand it’s kind of weird because I’m fully aware that this is an actress that I don’t know but I’m hugging her and taking pictures with her but on the other hand ITS THE FREAKING LITTLE MERMAID!!

Also Ariel’s makeup was just perfect.

After Ariel was Jasmine, who is Lilac’s favorite Disney princess. Lilac had drawn a picture of Jasmine and Raja to give to Jasmine and Aladdin. We didn’t get to meet Aladdin, which really disappointed Lilac, but she gave the picture to the Jasmine we saw at princess lunch, so that was good. At least she had the chance to give her the picture. And Jasmine loved it. 🙂


As we left lunch, we noticed there were a lot of staff people hanging around this one corner of the castle. We wandered over there and noticed that the stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella, were standing there taking pictures and stuff. There was next to no line; they must have just gotten there. We immediately jumped in line at my request, because last time I met the sisters they were hilarious. As we were in line they started yelling at some boy that was leaving, “You’re not real! At least you’ve seen us in a movie! I’ve never seen you in a movie!” I don’t know what that was about, but it was funny.

I convinced Lilac, my youngest sister, to write “saved for the best characters” at the top of one page in her notebook and have the sisters sign that page.

It was a brilliant idea, and the stepsisters thought it was hilarious. Anastasia took her notebook, read the caption Lilac had written aloud, and then turned to her sister and said “Look! Saved for the best characters ever! That’s us!” They were super excited about Lilac. Then Saffron gave them her notebook and Anastasia said, “what, you don’t like us as much as your sister?” Saffron made some nonanswer and then one of the stepsisters looked around at the four of us and asked if we were all sisters. I said yes, and then Anastasia asked me, “Do you all like each other?” I told her yes, most of the time.

Then Magenta asked the sisters if they had any talents. Anastasia said they could sing, and demonstrated a note (it was awful) but then twisted it back around and asked if we had any talents. Saffron said she could dance (which is true, she’s a very good dancer) and then Drizella demanded a demonstration. Saffron was not about showing off in front of a bunch of strangers, and after a few uncomfortable seconds Anastasia suggested we all dance and we had a mini dance party. (So cute!!!) Then we took pictures and Anastasia insisted that we do her pose, which Drizella wasn’t too happy about but she did it anyway. Then they said bye to us and we left for our next fast pass ride. 🙂

Seven Dwarves Mine Train

Our last planned fast pass of the day was the Seven Dwarves Mine Train ride, which my dad kept accidentally calling the Snow White ride. Saffron made sure to correct him each time he got it wrong. Though the SD ride is a little faster than others we had been on that day, it still is a pretty tame ride. Definitely not a rollercoaster. My youngest sisters weren’t too sure that they wanted to go on it, but our parents told them they had no choice. Thankfully this time I didn’t have to sit in between the two of them. Cobalt and I paired up, and we actually ended up sitting in the two very front seats.
There was so much wind. My hair was a disaster after that ride.

The mine train ride does this thing where it breaks on all the momentous parts of the ride. So it actually doesn’t end up going that fast on the way over a hill, it goes really fast right after a hill when you’re swerving around bends and turns and twists. It’s fun. We actually got stuck coming up a very large hill right in the middle of the ride. The cart was creeping up and up and up and right as the very front got to the very top it stopped. A voice came over the intercoms and told us to stay in our seats. Cobalt and I were okay, we were at the front so we were sitting upright, but everyone behind us was basically lying on their backs. It looked very uncomfortable. In that moment I was very thankful for my adventurous little brother.

Saffron and Lilac cried during the entire ride, but once we got off both of them insisted that they loved it. Whatever.


After the SD ride we used all of our fast passes, which allowed us to get more fastpasses. Cobalt and my dad decided that they wanted to do some other faster ride, but me and my sisters wanted to meet Peter Pan and watch the parades and such. We were walking somewhere, hadn’t really decided what we would do yet. Peter Pan wasn’t out yet, it was 30 minutes until the parade, we didn’t really know what to do. A family friend of ours who really loves Disney World had told us before this trip to make sure that we get these ice cream Mickey bars. So we wandered over that way and got some ice cream. Then Lilac insisted that we go on Prince Charming’s carosel, so we wandered back that way. My dad and brother took off for Space Mountain or something and the rest of us got on the carosel. Me and my sisters all got on horses next to each other. We named our horses. Mine was Sundae, Magenta’s was Bubblegum. I don’t remember what Lilac and Saffron named theirs. After the carosel we started walking towards Frontierland to maybe go find Aladdin and Jasmine, but we noticed people were roping off the road and people were sitting down behind the rope and stuff. It was time for the parade! So we accidentally got really good spots right behind the rope and were right in front for the parade.

Festival of Fantasy

The parade was SO CUTE. I figured it would be at least semi-adorable, because this is Disney World, but I really loved it. My sisters and I were crazy, cheering and waving for our favorite characters. Since there are four of us and we were in front, we had an easy time of getting the performers’ attention. Ariel waved to us, Minnie blew us a kiss, Alice waved, Snow White waved, everybody waved. One of the coolest parts though was when the Tangled float came by. I was wearing a shirt at the time with Rapunzel and Flynn on it. When we waved at Flynn and got him to wave at us, he squinted at me, pointed at my shirt, pointed at his nose, and then gave me a thumbs up. I guess he was playing off that gimmick from the movie, you know, “they finally got my nose right!”

I was noticed by Flynn Rider, guys. It was a great day.

Peter Pan

After the parade we went straight to where Peter Pan was supposed to come out. We were about 15 minutes early but there was already a line. I had told my mom we needed to get there early, so I felt quite proud of my planning skills. (My mom was proud, too, she told me so.) As we waited for Peter to come out and say hi this other Disney staff guy was talking to us. He spoke like a military general. All his words were loud and sharp. But he was talking about Disney princesses, how it was a good idea to move Anna and Elsa to Epcot instead of Magic Kingdom and how there was a new Disney princess coming out, Moana. He was kind of weird, but really into Disney.

After about 10 minutes of this guy talking Peter Pan finally came out to see us. He was funny in his own Peter Panish way. Honestly, Peter Pan is one of the best characters to meet. He’s funny and playful and entertaining. Some of the princesses (Snow White) can be so boring and basic, but Peter Pan is always up to something. When Saffron showed Peter the plush Tinkerbell that she had shown Tinkerbell earlier, Peter freaked out. “How did you do this?” “How did you get her legs to stick together?” “That’s kind of creepy.”

Magenta asked Peter Pan who his best friend was. He responded, “Myself, of course.” Then she insisted he pick between Tink and Wendy. Peter frowned and said, “they’re both good for something. Wendy can tell stories and Tink has pixie dust.”

At that I responded, “That’s all they’re there for?”

And Peter Pan said, “Yup!”

If he wasn’t so adorable I might’ve called him a conceited jerk, but it’s Peter Pan. He’s supposed to be, like, 12. 🙂

Other than the fact he insisted he was his own best friend, Peter Pan was really fun.

Little Mermaid Ride

The first time I went to Disney World I ended up going on the little mermaid three or four times, but this trip I only went on it twice. I insisted I go with Cobalt, which was a mistake. I sang the entire time, said hi to Sebastian and Scuttle and Flounder as they showed up, freaked out over the different scenes and songs and talked about how each was my favorite, and my brother was so annoyed. So very annoyed. By the end of it I was kind of annoyed too. Apparently Disney magic isn’t contagious.

The Little Mermaid ride is still one of my favorite rides. 🙂 I don’t know what it is, I just love that Disney Princess.

Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern

My dad had made reservations for us to eat at the Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner, so after we were getting kind of tired and hungry and it grew closer to our dinner time we made our way over there. The food was set up to be like a Thanksgiving dinner, which was a kind of cute idea. I didn’t think the food was that good, but it was nice to sit in the air conditioning for some time and relax.

Rapunzel and Tiana

After dinner we went over to the princess hall to use another fast pass my dad had signed my mom and my sisters up for: meeting Rapunzel and Tiana. Both were adorable, as all Disney princesses are. Rapunzel told us about how she likes to paint and she had been asking Cinderella if she could paint in her castle. My mom took a picture with Rapunzel and us as well, since Rapunzel is her favorite. Then Tiana invited us over to her side of the room and talked a lot about cooking. She said her favorite thing to cook was gumbo, then she asked us what we liked to cook. Saffron said pancakes, which Tiana was super happy about. Her voice was so sugary and sweet and lovely to listen too…


After that we went down to Main Street to look in all the shops. My grandparents on my mom’s side had given me and my four siblings each $50 to spend in a Disney store. It was part of our birthday presents. I really enjoyed shopping with my sisters. We looked in every single store on Main Street. I was the only one that ended up buying something; I got a delicate necklace that was, you guessed it, Little Mermaid themed. I’ll post a picture sometime, it’s cute. While I was buying the necklace this really sweet girl my age or a little older commented on my shirt and asked where I got it (the shirt I was wearing had Flynn and Rapunzel on it, the one scene from the movie when they’re in the boat and all the lanterns are behind them) and we talked a little bit about our favorite Disney characters (hers was Peter Pan). It was nice to bond with another teenager over Disney. 🙂

The Little Mermaid Ride, Again

After the princesses and the shopping we made our way to the little mermaid ride, again, because it’s my favorite. I sat with my sister Saffron this time, and she was much more excited about The Little Mermaid than Cobalt. We danced together in the little shell-cart. Danced as best we could, anyway. And we sang all the songs together.

At the very beginning of the ride we stopped for a few seconds, and Scuttle came over the announcements and told us to stay in our seats. We got stuck on another ride. I was surprised. Three in one day? Thankfully we weren’t stuck on any of them for too long. The Little Mermaid had the shortest pause of all and soon enough we had started again and continued “under the sea.”

I love that ride. It’s so cute.

Electric Parade

After we finished on the ride it had started to get dark and the road was getting roped off again for another parade. Since we were all split up and all over the place, we had trouble getting good spots. My dad had saved us this grassy spot in front of the castle, but we couldn’t really see the street. So it was really hard to see the parade. That was okay, though, because we knew we would be spending another evening in Magic Kingdom. The song for the electric parade is obnoxiously catchy, but I found myself singing along with it anyway.

Castle Light Show

Even though we didn’t have good spots for the parade, we had great spots for the light show on the castle. This show was one of my favorites the entire time we were at Disney. It basically just shows different scenes on the castle and plays different songs from different movies. My favorite is when the lanterns float up to the top and the song “I see the light” from Tangled starts playing… :)))

Disney does a good job of connecting everything they do together. It’s not just about the Disney princesses or the movies, no Disney is about celebrating dreams and wishes and happily ever afters. I love it. And this message or overall theme was clearly portrayed throughout the light show and fireworks.


Disney fireworks are the best fireworks. Cobalt looked it up: the amount of money Disney spends on fireworks every night is about the same amount of money an average American makes in a year.


Not gonna lie, I teared up a little during the fireworks. It had been a long day, I was kind of tired and worn out, but mostly just overwhelmed by how awesome Disney World is. It was a great end to a great day. 🙂


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