I’m Home!

So my original idea was to blog every night of my trip to Disney World and during the disney cruise….yeah that didn’t happen. Instead I will be recounting the events throughout the next week. Though they will be less accurate because it’s after the fact, I thought it was better to live in the moment and just take it all in.

Also, we had been getting back to the hotel at midnight every night and I was tired.

Some quick general things about the trip: I was surprised at how well I got to know my cousin, Peyton, and how much I enjoyed spending time with her. She turned five on the trip and lives about 16 hours away from us. Her mom and my dad are siblings, but they aren’t that close. There’s about seven years between them, I think, and that on top of the fact that they are very different people just leads to, well, never seeing each other.

Peyton’s mom, my aunt, has always been the odd one out on my dad’s side of the family. My dad and his brother both got married around the same time and have big families. My aunt got married when I was seven, divorced when I was nine, then married again when I was eleven. Both times the guys were creeps, and the second one came with stepcousins. So another reason why we never see my aunt or Peyton is because of my uncle and stepcousins. They’re weird.

Before the trip, my mom pulled me aside and informed me that the uncle and stepcousins would not be coming to Disney with us. Apparently the uncle had shoved my aunt and taken her phone she couldn’t call 911. My grandparents had promptly uninvited him (since they were the ones paying for all of us to go to Disney) and the stepcousins’ mom decided that her kids shouldn’t go without anyone they were blood-related to.

My aunt, in comparison to her brothers, has a much more messy life and is way more dependent on her parents. I started this trip feeling kind of bad for her, but I don’t think she compares herself to them the way I have. And as I got to talk to my aunt and my cousin more on the trip I realized that my aunt is a very strong and compassionate person, very easy to talk to and rely on. And my cousin Peyton is quite mature and polite for a five year old, and also very outgoing. Though I am about 12 years older than her and most people her age would find older kids intimidating, Peyton was completely at ease with making new friends and getting to know her cousins. Also, out of all of the cousins there, she told me I was her favorite. 🙂

I didn’t expect to spend any time at all with Peyton and her mixed family, and I probably wouldn’t have if the uncle and his kids were there. It’s crazy sometimes how God can use bad things that happen for good. I’m so thankful for this surprise twist on this vacation and to have gotten the chance to know these two extended family members better.

More details to come! I will post what happened each day during my trip tomorrow and this next week. I’ve missed you all, fellow bloggers! I will spend a lot of time in the blogsphere tomorrow to read the posts I’ve missed and catch up with you guys.


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