Disney 2016 | Day 1 and 2: Driving

I was in the car for about nine hours both days on our trip to Orlando, Florida with my entire family: mom, dad, and four younger siblings ranging from ages 8 to 14. The first day I actually did a little writing in the car before I started to get carsick. Here it is:

We’ve been in the car for about five hours. It hasn’t been too bad. I haven’t gotten carsick yet, which is nice. I’ve watched the 1978 Superman movie and Aladdin. I had watched the Superman movie a few years ago, but it was cheesier than I remembered. Christopher Reeve is adorable.

I had an idea for the backstory of a character while watching Aladdin, so I ended up not really paying attention to the movie and instead brainstorming.

We’re about four hours away from the hotel we’re staying at. It’s raining now, and the drops fall hard on the windshield. I can smell the rain and the humidity. It’s nice, refreshing. The gray clouds darken our travels, and the rain patters like a lullaby, the weather working to put us all to sleep.

The only music I have is the one U2 album that automatically synced to every Apple device. I’ve been using Spotify lately for music, but no service means no songs. So all I’ve got is “Every Breaking Wave” and “California” among the other titles on the album.

Usually I get carsick on long drives like this, but the nausea hasn’t hit yet. I’m thankful for that. It allows me to write, and to read.

I probably should be doing my summer reading.

Ooh, lightning flashed, followed quickly by a spattering of thunder. Its just a storm, all show and no substance, and yet lightning and thunder still send a shiver down my spine. There it goes again, the thunder louder this time. But now the skies are clearing, and I can see blue with puffs of white. We seem to be leaving the gray behind us.

“Song For Someone” plays in my headphones. We’re traveling at about 75 mph. It seems so slow when you look at the road ahead, but so fast when you look down out your window. For the first hour of the trip I played Heads Up with my siblings. It felt like merely a minute or two, but we got through all the rounds and decided to quit. Time flies when youre having fun, I suppose.

Last time I went to Disney I went with my friend and her parents. We took a plane. It took about two and a half hours to get to Orlando. It was the fastest two and half hours of my life. I felt as though I closed my eyes for a moment, and then when I opened them I was in another world, a world of sunshine and rain and palm trees. I love Florida. After that trip to Disney I told my mom I was going to move to Florida one day. She told me I didn’t know what I was talking about.

This time I’m going with my family to Disney, and we’re driving. It’s about 18 hours and we’re doing it over two days. I would prefer to do it over one, but my mom hates driving and being in the car. So two days of travel it is. Much different than one afternoon

The storm is gone. “Iris” is playing. We’re still traveling 75 mph. It’s bright outside, and very blue.

I think I’m going to write that backstory now.

That was all I really did the first day. We stayed in this hotel and woke up early the next morning to keep driving.

The second day I was to excited to be in Disney World and also too tired from the day before to actually put in any effort. Nothing much happened. We got to the Disney resort we were staying at, The Art of Animation and unpacked our stuff in our Little Mermaid themed room. I love love LOVE The Little Mermaid so I was beyond excited to be surround by Ariel and her various animated fish friends. We had dinner with the entire group, all 22 of us. We were the last family to get there, and my cousins had already been swimming. I met my cousin Peyton for the first time and we talked about our favorite Disney princesses. Hers is Elsa.

When we went to bed last night I tried to convince my siblings that they needed to sleep because we were going to be spending a long day at Magic Kingdom. My efforts were in vain, however, because just as we started to drift off we heard fireworks going off from the park closest to us, Hollywood Studios I think, and we all rushed outside to see. Then we got back in our beds to go to sleep. I shared a bed with Saffron and  my sisters Magenta and Lilac shared a bed. In the middle of the night Magenta, who will be 13 in August started yelling at Lilac, who will be 9 in August. Full on yelling. I grumbled at her to stop, since Magenta was going to end up waking everyone else, and Magenta began complaining that Lilac kept stretching and taking over the bed.

Okay, Lilac is tiny. Very skinny, no muscle on her. Magenta is not only six years older but way more muscular and could never be classified as a skinny girl. Magenta could just pick her up and move her if there really was such a problem.

Ahh, that was just the beginning of all the sibling issues. It got much worse.

The next day we got up at about 6:45 in hopes that we would make it to the opening show of Magic Kingdom and stayed at Magic Kingdom until afer 11 p.m.. Despite a few sibling issues, and Saffron breaking down because she hated the long lines, it was a good day. I doubt it’s possible to have a bad day in Disney World. 🙂

Have you been to Disney World before? What was your experience like? Please comment and let me know! I love everything Disney and would love to talk to you.


3 thoughts on “Disney 2016 | Day 1 and 2: Driving

  1. I love Disney World, and honestly, it is my FAVORITE place on the planet!:) I totally get you by wanting to move to move to Florida! Speaking of moving to Florida, have you ever heard of the Disney College Program? You get to work at Walt Disney World for a few months! I am planning on applying when I am in college! Here is the official website that explains it if you are interested: http://cp.disneycareers.com/en/about-disney-college-program/overview/

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