Disney Hype Part 2

So for this installment of getting-excited-about-disney-things-before-i-go-to-disney I’m going to share with you some of my favorite parts of Disney World!

1. Epcot. All of it.

Epcot was the first Disney park I ever went to and it blew my mind. The detail in each section, the architecture, the food…wow. It’s a beautiful place. I love the countries, how each culture is pressed up against another and all you can see are the good parts: the food, the buildings, the beauty of it all. When I went with my friend, we must have walked through all the countries in Epcot two or three times. It was amazing. We got gelato in Italy, from a guy who was actually from Italy (it says so on their nametags below their names). We asked him if the gelato was anything like the gelato in Italy, if Epcot Italy was anything like actual Italy and he said yes, it was. I was in awe of Epcot. Unfortunately we won’t be going this time, since we don’t have that many days and want to spend them at Magic Kingdom, but Magic Kingdom is good too.

2. Cinderella’s Castle

Obviously I love Cinderella’s castle, it’s the symbol of Disney World! I love that everywhere you go in Magic Kingdom you can see some part of the castle. I love the little shop inside that turns little girls into the princess of their choice. I love the dinner at Cinderella’s castle where you can meet and greet with the princesses. It’s all so cute. Cinderella’s castle is the heart of Disney World.

3. Prince Eric’s Castle

Even though you technically don’t go inside Prince Eric’s castle, I love looking at the outside. I dragged my friend onto the Little Mermaid ride with me four times (three of them in a row, there was no line), and the Little Mermaid ride line goes around the castle and then below it, so I got quite a good look at it. I love how it looks like it’s a sand castle, made by the shore and the seashells. So cute.

4. Meeting Characters

When I first went to Disney World I thought to myself, “Self, I am turning 15 on this trip. I’m practically an adult. Meeting the characters is not a priority. They’re just actors. They are people dressed up like animated characters I watched when I was five. I’m older now, I don’t need to meet characters.” But then I got there and discovered that, yes, they’re just actors, and no, I don’t think it’s actually Aladdin or Ariel or whoever, but the actors are really good at their jobs and have a way of making me feel like I am five again. You don’t meet someone pretending to be an animated character, you meet someone who is for the moment embodying your childhood role model, who can make the magic of Disney World feel totally real. I’ll be honest, when I met Ariel I nearly cried. I probably would have if I was actually five. I can’t explain the effect of the characters, and it’s easy to scoff at or laugh off when you aren’t there, but there’s something amazing about it.


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