Summer Reading

I’ve never understood the necessity for summer reading. We are out of school, why do we have homework?

This year’s books aren’t too bad. We have to read and annotate 1984 by George Orwell and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Both are books I’ve been meaning to read, both sound interesting, so that isn’t a problem. Last year we had to read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and another book we chose from a short list, mine was I Am Malala. Those were pretty good too. Really the last time we had bad summer reading books was freshman year when we had to read a book about the economics of Rwanda before and after the Rwandan genocide. That was very depressing and incredibly boring.

I guess the point of summer reading is to make sure kids are still reading over the summer or something. You know, because reading is important. Or maybe so we have stuff to do the first day of english class. (But we never really go back to the books we read over the summer).

I was thinking about the pointlessness of summer reading while sitting on the couch this morning watching a movie with my little sisters. As the movie came to a close, I reached over to grab the book I had been reading for the past couple days. I felt kind of guilty for reading something other than my summer reading, but then I looked down and remembered what exactly I was in the process of reading.

Much Ado About Nothing.

A Shakespeare play.

I’m blowing off summer reading to read Shakespeare. Because I like it.

Why do we have to do summer reading again?

I feel like if teachers want kids to be reading over the summer they should have them make a list. A list of the books they read. We did that in middle school and elementary school. There’s no reason it wouldn’t work for high schoolers. The parents could sign off on it and that would be that. Then the kids who want to read Shakespeare instead can do that and they kids who won’t read the summer reading anyway can just fake their parent’s signature and not have to waste money on books.

That would work if the excuse for summer reading is to get kids to read. But if teachers actually want to discuss the book the first week of school… maybe we should read the book while we’re in school? I feel like a break isn’t really a break if you’re giving us other assignments. If we have to worry about school all summer, do we really come to the first day relaxed and refreshed? And for people like me, with busy summer schedules because of extracurriculars, we don’t want to spend our few moments at home doing work for school.

Summer reading is stupid, both for readers and non readers. I’ll read the books, I’ll probably enjoy them, but I don’t appreciate being forced to do school work when we aren’t in school.


2 thoughts on “Summer Reading

  1. Great books, you’ll definitely enjoy them both! Pride and Prejudice was the first Austen book I read and it’s still my favorite. Have fun though. Writing a book report within the first week of school was a real pain the butt… we had required reading, but we could also read another book of our choice. But still!

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    1. Just started Pride and Prejudice…it is pretty good. Sometimes it’s just being forced to do something that’s bothersome, not really the thing itself, you know? I’ll get over it once I get into the books 🙂

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