Disney Hype

Less than a week until June 19, less than a week before we leave to drive to Orlando, Florida to visit Universal and Disney World! I’m beyond excited to go. We will be spending three days at the parks: one at Universal, half at Hollywood Studios, and one and a half at Magic Kingdom. Then we get on a cruise for three days.

I’ve never been on a cruise before, but I have been to Disney and Universal. Two years ago a friend of mine took me with her and her parent over my birthday. We spent eight days and went to all four Disney parks and both Universal. We went to the opening of Diagon Alley. It was so generous and so amazing.

This time I’ll be going with my family. None of my siblings have ever been. I’m slightly apprehensive about it. I mean, it will still be great, still magical, but there will be more people and less time than the first trip. I don’t want my siblings to get frustrated or tired or disappointed. I don’t want my mom to get stressed. I think she’ll get stressed no matter what we do.

Anyway, with those concerns out of the way, I’m going to get hype for Disney!! (Because sometimes the greatest part of an event is anticipating it).

Here are a few of my favorite Disney related things!

My favorite Disney movie ever: PIRATES OF THE CARRIBBEAN

Pirates is my favorite movie of all time, not just out of Disney movies. I don’t know what it is…actually I do. It’s Orlando Bloom. He’s perfect. Also, Keira Knightly. She’s so pretty.

And the storyline is good too, you know.

My favorite Disney princess movie: ALADDIN

Aladdin has the best plotline of ALL Disney movies and Aladdin and Jasmine are just precious, you know? She’s so savvy and he’s so cute

My favorite Disney princess: THE LITTLE MERMAID, ARIEL

When I was five, I had the soundtrack for The Little Mermaid and I would dance and sing to the music all the time. I loved to pretend I was Ariel. I never watched the movie, and when I did I didn’t really care for Prince Eric or the storyline, but I loved Ariel. She has always been my favorite princess.

My favorite Disney prince: FLYNN RIDER

Claps for the animators of Tangled. They did a good job making this character. (He’s so pretty…) And really his humor and funny quips throughout the movie were quite enjoyable. Tangled as a whole is a very well done movie (though I grew up with Little Mermaid and Aladdin and the nostalgia that is attached with those films makes them more important to me). Also I think that if I was a Disney princess I would be Rapunzel. Cautious but courageous in the end. (At least I hope that’s what I’ll be like in the end.)

Honestly, though, how is an animated character so attractive.



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