Lucy Part Two

I wrote about this particular friend of mine in another post titled “Chameleon Friend” so if you would like to know more about this individual feel free to check it out.

So there’s this trip over the summer for the leadership team in the marching band. I’m part of the leadership team, and Lucy is this year as well. (Though I don’t think she should be). We were planning out rooms for the trip, since we will be staying overnight, and there was some trouble because there are four people to a room and seven colorguard leaders.

Okay, so there are five seniors (including myself) and two juniors. The juniors wanted to stay together, to bond or whatever, so one of the seniors had to go with them and the other four could stay together. I volunteered to go with the juniors, and it all was going to work out.

Then I was talking to some of my friends in band that were going on the trip (sadly Lila and Maroon were not, they are probably the closest friends I have). The one friend I was talking to mentioned that they had one open space for their room, and I could take it if I wanted. I thought that would be a great idea, because otherwise I would end up sharing a bed with some other girl I didn’t know (since I knew the two juniors were going to share). So I told that friend I would take the spot.

BUT THEN one of the other colorguard leaders figured out she would not be able to go. So Lucy was put in the same position as I, the third wheel, possibly going to be stuck with a stranger.

There were lots of things she could have done, lots I could have done. Lucy and I could have talked about it and I could have come back to their room. Lucy could have come and joined the room I was part of. It could have worked out.

Instead, she went behind my back and asked my group of friends if she could room with them. She talked to Minty, not the friend I had spoken to, and apparently Minty didn’t know I had already spoken to the others. So Minty signed up Lucy for their room, submitted their group, and  that was that. Lucy went behind my back and stole my spot.

She didn’t even realize it. She doesn’t often consider anyone but herself.

But those friends had been mine since middle school. Lucy only met them because of me. She cut me out of my own friend group.

When I found this out, I was beyond mad. I couldn’t really show it, though, because as I mentioned in “Chameleon Friend”, Lucy is very sensitive about that sort of thing. She doesn’t even get it. She doesn’t even care. She’s slowly sucking my friends away from me.

I’m not going on the trip after all. I don’t want to room with strangers, and this way four colorguard leaders can stay together and Lucy can go with Minty and my other friends. I didn’t really want to go in the first place. Lucy can do what she wants, I’m not going to suffer because of her.

But be careful, Lucy. Next time you cut me out of my friends, I’m not going to be so relaxed about it.


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