Captain America Civil War

Okay, there will probably be spoilers ahead. Just be aware. Spoilers, guys. I’m serious. I’m not going to cut out anything that might ruin the movie for you….

I really loved this movie. Most all Marvel movies are well done, and this one was no exception. Here were just a few thoughts I had after seeing the movie;

Okay, Spiderman is my new favorite. He was just so adorably nerdy with his star wars references. I think because they put him with all the adult avengers he looked more immature by comparison, and since the movie wasn’t about him that was okay. I think it made him better. This Spiderman was more believable than past portrayals because he sounded more like a kid and he had more kid problems (homework), instead of the adult problems Captain America and Iron Man ran into.
Also, not complaining, but I was told Captain America was supposed to die in this movie. I went into the theater totally sure that this was the last time I was going to see him. A great friend of mine had spoiled it for me, since apparently Captain America dies in the comics. I was prepared. I had tissues, I told myself Spiderman was my new favorite anyway and it was going to be fine. Then he didn’t die.
So I was like, okay, fantastic. I love Captain America. He’ll be in the next movie then. Awesome. But then I felt slightly disappointed. Not that i wanted Captain America to die, but since he didn’t, since none of the Avengers did, it kind of took away from the hype that had been built up. There’s something oddly satisfying in the death of a hero, especially if its a tragic hero. During the fight between Captain America and Iron Man, I started to suspect that Iron Man was going to die. It would be the perfect plot twist, since most people were expecting it to be Captain America, plus Iron Man had kind of redeemed himself throughout the movie. He had sacrificed a lot to do what he thought was right: Pepper, control over the Avengers and the choices he made, and friendships. Dying would have been his final sacrifice to make things right after he had made so many other mistakes. But then he didn’t die either, which I was fine with since Iron Man is hilarious.
If someone had to die, and not either of the two I already mentioned, it should have been Bucky. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bucky Barnes too, but I also love a good death scene and if Iron Man had killed Bucky it would have been justice for his parents, and also wrapped up a plot hole. I mean, Bucky is really dangerous. And if all it takes is a few random words to turn him into a killing machine….boom, instant villain. They kind of fixed that at the end, I guess, and if Bucky had died Cap would have lost it…so I guess the way the movie went was best.
Still, I was slightly disappointed there was no amazing death scene.
I liked the inclusion of more heroes (especially spiderman, as I mentioned before). I didn’t think Black Panther was going to be cool, but he was really awesome. Especially in contrast to the sillier characters, like Antman. He was so formal, put together, a honorable sort of guy.
Question: where was Nick Fury? I didn’t notice he wasn’t there until my friend pointed it out. I guess this was technically a captain America movie, not another avengers, but basically all the Avengers were there. Except Thor and the Hulk. But I don’t really like the Hulk anyway. Especially with this new pseudo-romance between him and Black Widow.
I really liked this movie. I think it was actually better than Age of Ultron. I’ll probably post some more about it when I see it again with my brother.


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