Band Banquet

One of the most fun things I think about band banquet is dressing up. I love doing my hair and makeup, especially when doing it with friends. Fashion’s not my strong suit, and I feel like I don’t own a lot of cute clothes, but every once and a while I find something to wear I just love.

So for banquet on Saturday I wore this:

And I felt pretty good about it. My mom and I went shopping the day before and found everything at the mall. It was kind of funny, the dress and the shawl thing were both pretty cheap, but my shoes were really expensive, which is what had happened last year. I guess I have an expensive taste in shoes or something.

I found my necklace at this tiny little shop in the mall, and I thought it was the funniest thing. It’s elegant and simple, don’t get me wrong, and very cute, but when I first saw it I thought someone had bent a paperclip into a square. I laughed. Comical jewelry is my favorite.

I’m not showing my face just so I can keep this blog as anonymous as possible (even though anyone who knows me would be able to tell but whatever) so you can’t see what I did with my hair or makeup, but let me tell you, that was pretty cute.

I did a black smokey eye, which I’ve done a lot for performances, but this time I used silver eyeliner and glitter eyeliner (just a little, to mix  things up a bit). Then I used a lipstick that was almost the same color as my dress (though a smidge lighter). Even though my makeup was pretty dark, it wasn’t too much for my pale skin tone. I was able to balance out the black smokey eye with a lot of gray and white eyeshadow, and since I was already wearing dark colors the lipstick didn’t seem out of place.

For my hair, I pulled up half of it into a bun at the back of my head and curled the rest that was hanging down. I think I’m a fan of this hairstyle. This was the second time I had tried it, and it makes doing my hair much easier since it is very long. For banquet I found this silver leaf headband thingy and I wore that as well. I wanted to bump up my hair behind the headband, so you could see both a little better and I would look like a Greek goddess, but that didn’t really work out. So the top of my hair was kind of flat. If I was really committed I could have teased it but I wasn’t that committed.

A few of my friends came over as well: (I guess I should give them blog names) Lila, Maroon, and Minty. Here’s a picture of all of us (Lila and Minty are pretty tall, so this was kind of difficult when cropping to keep anonymity).

Both Lila and Minty (the ones on the ends) wore the same shoes they wore to prom, which were super cute and super sparkley. The four of us had fun getting ready together. I helped Lila and Maroon with their makeup, since I have to do makeup all the time for colorguard and I guess I’m kind of decent at it. They didn’t want to do a lot of makeup, but when I did it anyway for them they ended up being really pleased with it. So that was fun. šŸ™‚ Minty just did her own thing. She says she’s really good at makeup anyway. (She is, but I have more experience). Minty is an…interesting friend. I’ll probably post more on her another time.

So there you go! I don’t usually do style or fashion posts like this but I thought I’d give it a try. šŸ™‚ Pretty fun. I didn’t go to prom this year, so band banquet was one of the only school functions I dressed up for (other than homecoming, but that was back when I first started my blog and didn’t know anything about anything).  I hope you enjoyed this little fashion moment!


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