My first college visit

So last week on Monday I was visiting my first college. It’s the spring of my junior year, so this is not an uncommon activity among my peers, but I hadn’t talked with any of them about it and didn’t know what to expect.
The school I visited was small (smaller than my high school), a private school, and about six hours away from where I live. While looking at it online I though it was so cute and full of personality. It was the college I most wanted to go to because I had all these dreams and fantasies of what I expected it to be like. I ignored the obvious flaws such as it didn’t have what I wanted to major in and was too expensive. I just had these expectations that it would be good.
Well, we got there and were having breakfast in the hotel and my dad started reading about the school online. There were stats and reviews…he was enthusiastic, for my sake I guess since I had been super enthusiastic, but as he was reading the stuff I was just thinking “this isn’t it.”
When we got to the school I was really excited, but I felt like I was trying to force myself to be excited. We took the tour, listened to all the different presentations, and I just wasn’t impressed. All the things I liked about that college were regular college things, nothing unique to them. And at the time I was in between two options: a logical, cheaper, closer, bigger state school or the more expensive, smaller, farther private school. I thought that the private school would be worth it, but once I visited it was clear that it was not.
So that scared me a little. I mean, it’s good that I’ve narrowed it down and won’t be wasting my money or my time on that college, but I don’t have a huge list of colleges I wanted to see. It was the private school or the state school. If the state school doesn’t work out, I am back to square one.
I’m leaving (with both parents instead of just my dad this time) in ten minutes to make the drive to visit the state school.
I really hope I like this one. I mean if I don’t it’s not the end of the world, but I will have lost the last handle I have on this whole college thing.


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