My First R Rated Movie

It’s a big step in the life of a teenager. Especially this teenager.

I hated movies when I was little. I had (have) quite an active imagination, and got nightmares easily. If I saw something scary, or a villian who was decent at being a villian, I wouldn’t be able to sleep for weeks. Eventually (around eighth grade) I kind of got over that and figured out how to avoid the nightmares. I started watching a ton of movies, mostly with my little brother. We’ve done a lot of stuff together. Our first PG-13 movie was the third Harry Potter.

When my brother became a Boy Scout, he and our dad would go on a lot of Boy Scout Campouts together and be gone for the weekend. So me, my mom, and my three younger sisters would have a girl’s night and go shopping, eat ice cream, and do other fun girly things.

This past weekend my dad and brother were at a campout, so naturally we all had a bit of fun. My mom and I have this tradition as well during campout weekends that doesn’t include the little girls. We watch an 80s movie together, one that she watched when she was my age or so.

It started with Grease. Then Footloose. Then Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, then Can’t Buy Me Love. All of them were surprisingly great. (Especially that last one. It had young Patrick Dempsy.)

Many 80s movies have the potential to be wildly inappropriate, and there’s a few good ones that I haven’t seen because my mom doesn’t want to expose me to stuff like that. But this weekened I finally got to watch one that I had been hoping to watch for a while. It wasn’t wildly inappropriate, but it was rated R.

It was……

The Breakfast Club.

One of the most popular 80s movies. I had heard a lot of great things about it before getting to see it.  My mom quoted the movie during the movie, like, along with the characters. That was pretty funny. And they had  a lot of good lines too!

I was surprised how emotional it got. Without giving away any spoilers… I will say I almost cried at a certain part towards the end. From what I knew of the movie, I was expecting it to be just about a bunch of teenagers goofing off. And it was a bunch of teenagers goofing off, but it was also a little bit more. The writers of The Breakfast Club really got teenagers. There were lots of things the kids would say and I would think to myself “yeah, that’s how I feel” or “that is how high school works.”

One part that really got me was when they were talking about how this one girl’s home life was unsatisfying. And the other characters were like, ” Isn’t everyone’s home life unsatifying? If it wasn’t unsatisfying, you’d never leave your parents’ house.”

I felt validated. My angsty teenage self was understood by the makers of this movie. I felt better about feeling unsatisfied with my own home life. No teenager is supposed to feel satisfied. We’re supposed to want to be our own people and do our own things.

Anyway, I would give Breakfast Club a 12 out of 10 and will definitely watch it again sometime.


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