Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope your day is fantastic, no matter if you’re celebrating with someone special or not.

I’ve never really had an opinion about Valentines Day. In elementary school we traded cards and candies. It was great because they let us eat candy in class. And sometimes we would do these cool crafts. But after elementary school Valentines Day got less and less fun. We didn’t do crafts or give candy in middle school, and eating this one kind of candy (fun dip!!) wasn’t cool anymore.

I had fun dip on friday 🙂 It was fantastic. Valentines Day is cool again, especially since many high school students have a date to celebrate it with. I don’t, and neither do most of my friends. That’s okay. Valentines can be used to celebrate friendships and love in general, not just love in a romantic sense. 

So have a great day, all my friends out there! Know that you are loved.


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