We Are All Americans

I’ve blogged about this before, but with the presidential elections creeping closer and closer it is shocking to me how much hate is being spread all over America. On the media, in conversations, everywhere! IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN OR A DEMOCRAT. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS.

There are so many backhanded comments, generalizations, insults traded from one side to another. The point of the election process is to find the best person for the job of leading the country, not to prove that your team is better than the other team. 

I hate political parties. I hate the rude comments, the looks, the glares. It tears people apart. It’s tearing my family apart. It separates me from my friends. It makes classes uncomfortable when my teacher makes underhanded comments about Republicans and my parents consider themselves Republican. It makes conversations weird when my peers ask who I would vote for if we could vote and then they assume things about me based on that statement. I hate political parties. They’re stupid.

I’m afraid people write off so many good presidential possibilities because they’re not from the party they want to support. Or they assume that because one candidate, let’s say, Trump, is crazy that the rest of the Republicans are crazy. Or that because Sanders is pretty much a socialist that the other Democrats are also socialists. In a culture that promotes uniqueness, celebrating you for you no matter the sexual, racial, or any other identity it’s awfully hypocritical for us to completely ignore half of the potentials because they’re from the “wrong party.”

Every person at those debates or on those polls is an American and is capable of being our next president. Some, perhaps, are a little more qualified than others, but EVERY PERSON, no matter the party, is capable.

I’d like to see a woman become president. Being a girl myself, it would be kind of empowering to see a woman up there and be like “I could do that.” Or to see the different qualitites she would bring to the world leaders, the different ways she would approach a problem. But I do not want to see Hillary Clinton become president. She is not a strong woman and she should not be a role model for any girl.

I don’t want to get into the details, mostly because I wasn’t alive when any of this happened, but I’ve heard so many things about Bill Clinton sexually harassing women, and Hillary just destroying their reputations and lives. She HELPED him bring them down. Some feminist. I thought she wanted every woman to be heard, every woman to have a choice (like with Planned Parenthood and stuff). She believes what’s convienent for her to believe, I guess. What a great quality for a potential president.

And don’t even get me started on Donald Trump. He should stay a bussinessman. If he’s president… we might have, like, two more world wars. He’s completely insane, not to mention insanely immoral. How is he even at the top of the polls? (Is he still at the top of the polls?)  I don’t even know what else to say about Trump. I really hope he doesn’t become president.

Every American needs to take a step back and look at the facts. Not the facts like what party they belong to, but what these people have done. And what their goals are for this country. The presidential elections aren’t the time to hate on other Americans. This is a time  that we should be celebrating that we get to vote, and preparing to make an educated decision on who should be the face of our country for the next four years.


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