First Competition

Last night was the first competition of this year’s winterguard season. We performed our show “A Pale Blue Dot” for the first time in front of a real audience (i.e. not just our parents). We ended up getting second place out of the four that compete in the same class as us, so not too bad. We have a history of getting second though. We’re good, just not good enough. Hopefully this season we can change that, maybe come out on top a couple times.

But our biggest competitors, the first placers of last night, are heading up to Dayton this year. Dayton (as in, Dayton, Ohio) is the biggest winterguard competition there is. People come from all over the world to compete. (Colorguard is very popular in Japan.) So Little Elm, the school that beat us, is going to be working really hard to make their show really good. Even though we aren’t going to Dayton this year we are going to have to work just as hard if we want to get first place.

Our JV colorguard got seventh place last night out of eight in the class. They weren’t too happy about that. But the others in their class are pretty good, and the JV just moved up to that class last year. They are used to winning because they competed against weaker guards, but now the competition is a little better. They’ll have to up their game to do better this season.

My favorite thing about winterguard competitions is the other colorguards. They’re the ones that get really excited about everything. And since my school’s varisty winterguard is in a pretty high class, there are lots of groups out there that admire us a lot and will obsess over our show. Whatever we do, they’ll love it, they’ll clap and scream for it. So performing for them is a blast because they have so much energy.

I really love our show this year, almost as much as the lower guards love our show. I love the flags we use, I love the music, I love the theme. (I wrote about the theme of the show in another post titled “A Pale Blue Dot.”) I don’t think I’ve ever really loved a show as much as this one. Usually I’m kinda uncaring, I’ll like certain things we do and enjoy certain flags more than others. Last year’s show wasn’t so great, and the year before I didn’t know anything. I was a freshman, excited for anything and everything. And when it comes to marching season… well, I’ve never loved marching season. Band kids can be awfully pretentious.

Our next competition is in about a month. We’ve got a lot of work to do before then.


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