I haven’t been posting a lot lately, since I’ve been really busy with school work and colorguard. (I just started Precal, and it’s horrible. More horrible than Physics.) But  over the weekend I watched a couple of interesting movies, and I thought I would share.

I love movies. Maybe not as much as I love books, but it gets pretty close. I have some high standards when it comes to movies, so when I come across one that meets those standards, its kind of a big deal.

The two movies I watched with my family this weekend were The Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Tomorrowland. One was fabulous. The other was horrible.

I didn’t have any expectations going into The Man From U.N.C.L.E.. My mom said it was some sort of James Bond-esque spy movie based off of a TV show from the 60s. It actually turned out to be really cute. Like, cute, cute. It had action elements to it and a smidge of violence/battles/stuff that my dad and brother enjoyed, but it had a lot of cute romantic elements in it as well, which I was not expecting.


This is the movie poster for The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
The main character was played by the guy who’s Superman in all those new Superman movies (I don’t know what the actor’s name is) and he’s pretty attractive. His character was quick witted and had all these short, snippy lines that were just hilarious. The character’s name was Napoleon Solo (which is a pretty awful name in my opinion) and he was this a American with a sketchy background working for the CIA. The movie started with him helping this girl, Gabby, escape from East Berlin (the movie was set in the 60s). They spoke in German for a little bit, which was cool because I’m learning German at school, so I understood a little bit of it. Gabby became one of the three main characters. I liked her, she was really adorable and had all these fashionable outfits. Plus she was her own person with her own agenda, which is not common for female characters in action-type movies.


Gabby and Ilya
Plus Gabby had this aforementioned cute romantic relationship with the last main character, a Russian enemy-turned-ally named Ilya Kuryakin. I actually began to really enjoy his accent by the end of the film, and the height difference between the two was just perfect.

The interactions between the Russian and the American were also pretty funny. They were forced to work together with Gabby to defeat these bigger bad guys, but they would try to one-up one another or prove that they were better, stronger, whatever. It was entertaining.


Ilya and Napoleon
And the soundtrack–THE SOUNDTRACK– it was distractingly amazing. My family members and I found ourselves nodding our heads along to the beat more than once. The music is what made this movie great. I added it all to my writing soundtrack playlist on Spotify.

The movie we watched the next night was a little more child-friendly than The Man From U.N.C.L.E, so my sisters were allowed to stay up and watch it. I had very low expectation for Tomorrowland, but somehow it was even more disappointing than I thought it would be. The sci-fi concepts presented in it were unclear and poorly explained. The entire movie, in true Disney fashion, was supposed to be this encouraging “Never Give Up!” “Kids Can Do Science!” “It’s Cool To Be Smart!” “Motivation!” crap to it. And the “lesson” part of Disney movies is only evident in the terrible ones (so not in like Aladdin or Tangled). Needless to say, it was a waste of my time and I barely got through it. I think my little sisters enjoyed it, though.


The only cool part about Tomorrowland: this one pretty scene
(I’m listening to the soundtrack from The Man From U.N.C.L.E right now and can’t come up with anything else negative to say because it makes me so happy)

Have any of y’all watched any good movies lately? My brother has been trying to get me to watch Galaxy Quest, so I think that will be the next one I see, and I plan to watch Serenity sometime soon. 

I’ve missed blogging all the time. It’s a pain school has to get in the way of fun things like this. 😦


One thought on “Movies

  1. I watched a movie last week called “Only Yesterday.” It’s a Studio Ghibli movie, but not Miazaki. Man, talk about complicated feelings. I’m still not sure if I liked it or not. It was definitely powerful, though.

    The story centered on a woman in her twenties who is going into the countryside for a few days to help on a farm, which she really loves. But she comments that her 10-year-old self has “tagged along,” and she spends the vacation reminiscing about herself back then. Sometimes funny, often nostalgic, it made me think and it made me cry.

    I’d recommend it, but with the caveat that I’m not sure you’ll like it, or anyone for that matter. I wouldn’t re-watch it, but it’s worth watching. Does that make any sense?


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