I Want Snow!!!

There’s no snow here. I mean, I live in the south, so that’s really to be expected, but sometimes  we get ice or like, little flurries…

Also, to clarify, by south I mean the southern half of the USA. There seems to be a lot of Brits on WordPress which is really cool but it threw me off at first. You use words like “bloody” and “brilliant” a lot.

Anyway, I was talking about snow. My brain is really dead after studying and taking exams the past couple days (only three more to go!) which is also why I haven’t been posting much lately and also why this sentence is SUPER run-on.

For those of you that had looked into this earlier, I did end up finding a book. I looked at all the suggestions and everything you guys gave me (which was really great thank you!!) and then I found this other Michael Crichton book I hadn’t read called Eaters of the Dead which sounds really creepy but it’s about vikings and Norse mythology and stuff and it’s pretty cool. And now because I got lots of suggestions I have a long list of books to read!

I go back to being an editor of my school’s newspaper next week. I’ve really missed it. I couldn’t take the class this semester because I had to take a foreign language (Deutsch Klasse ist prima!) but on Monday I’ll be back! Maybe I’ll post some stories I write if they’re any good.

Ever since I was little I have been telling my parents, “When I grow up I’m gonna live somewhere cold,” and they always to this day laugh and say “No, you don’t.”

Yes. I do.

I love snow. I love how it looks. I love that it’s bright and pure and white. I love feeling cold. I love winter clothes. I love hot chocolate. I love fuzzy blankets. I love curling up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket and some hot chocolate to read a book.

In the summer everything (where I live) turns dead and brown. It gets super duper humid and the sun burns every inch of skin on your body.

Hot and humid is literally the worst weather combination.

And heat stroke. Have you ever had heat stroke? It’s really scary. I got it on the first day of school during marching band practice. It was 104 degrees outside but the weather app said it felt like 108 because there was no wind or something. I got really dizzy and shivery. I kept shivering and didn’t understand what was happening. Then I sat down because I couldn’t breathe. A guard leader told me to get back up and get back in the practice so I tried to but I couldn’t stand up. The sky looked green. I started crying and wasn’t sure why.

After about 20 minutes of shivering on the curb the guard director helped me get inside where I stayed for the rest of the 3 hour practice. I had to walk really slow and it hurt my chest to talk.

So when I say I love the cold that’s why. Because cold doesn’t give you heat stroke. Sure, there’s frostbite and hypothermia and all that, but those are easier to fight than heat stroke. And snow is prettier than dead grass and blinding sunlight.

This had been a random blog post. Sorry it was so sporadic.





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