Caitlyn Jenner vs. Marcus Luttrell


Today I had the strangest conversation.  I was in my American History class. We were doing group work (I kind of hate group work) and talking about various successful businessmen in the certain period of time we are studying, like Carnegie and Rockefeller, specifically discussing whether they were people that should be admired or if they were conniving, slimy, manipulative, and low, like most of the rich capitalists of that time.

(All that is kind of irrelevant to the story I’m telling)

So we were doing this worksheet thingy. At the top of it, just to get us to think about traits that admirable people have, we had a list of various qualities and had to write down a well-known person’s name that embodied that trait. Like for “intelligent” we wrote Albert Einstein and for “financially successful” we put Donald Trump.

Then we came to the word “courageous.”

The girl next to me had the paper and thinks she’s the smartest one in the group. She went “Oh, Caitlyn Jenner is perfect for this one,” and just wrote it down without really discussing it with the rest of us.

Um. Okay.

Sure, I guess, it took a certain amount of bravery to be open about such a personal part of your life with the whole world.  Especially when being transgender isn’t something celebrated by everyone. Caitlyn Jenner definitely couldn’t be described as cowardly, but courageous? When I read the word “courageous” my mind immediately went to one of the two military books I’ve read: Lone Survivor

I countered her suggestion with, “What about Marcus Luttrell instead?”

Blank stares.

“You know, the Navy SEAL that wrote the book Lone Survivor. There’s a movie too. How he was on a mission in Iraq and all of his team was killed by the Taliban, except him. And he did other amazing stuff and survived.”

The girl who suggested Jenner just stared at me. She either didn’t know what I was talking about or didn’t care. She just wanted to look good by putting Jenner on the list.

She said, “No, I already wrote down Caitlyn,” and continued going down the list.

Okay, really??? You can compare the courage of a transgender celebrity to a Navy SEAL and not pick the Navy SEAL? How does that even make sense? Marcus Luttrell was awarded the Navy Cross (the second highest military award for valor) and the Purple Heart (awarded to those injured or killed in action). He watched his friends die and was horribly injured, then had to continue to fight the Taliban and fight to stay alive, fight to find his way home to other Americans, fight his way out of the sorrow and the pain the experience had caused him. It must have taken him an INSANE amount of courage just to KEEP GOING and to KEEP LIVING. Can you imagine trying to do something like that? There are few people in this world as strong and courageous as Navy SEALs, and Caitlyn Jenner’s not one of them, that’s just a fact. When it comes to courage, she might be braver than you or I, but she’s nothing compared to a Navy SEAL.

I took the paper and wrote down “Marcus Luttrell” next to where she had written “Caitlyn Jenner.”

Do people these days even think? Or do they just spit out whatever garbage the media feeds them?


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