Goals for 2016

Not resolutions. These are not changes or improvements I want to make in my life but things I want to accomplish or work towards. Not very different from a resolution, but slightly.

  • Publish one of the novels I’ve written
  • Get a 4 or above on my AP tests
  • Have all As in my classes
  • Finish up drafts of stories that I have that aren’t done
  • Make new friends
  • Make sabre line in colorguard
  • Have a cooperative, cohesive leadership team
  • Learn how to be more patient and more tolerant of others
  • Not stress about little things, and not freak out about big things either
  • Grow in my faith and get to know more people in my church
  • Know what college I’m going to
  • Get my drivers license

Okay, I came up with a lot more than I was expecting to. I guess I want a lot out of life. Some of my goals or wishes are a little high or far-fetched (I’m looking at you, “Publlish a novel”) but at least I can work towards these things and get a little closer to reaching my dreams.

Happy New Year’s Eve! Good luck to everyone making goals or resolutions of their own.


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