My New Obsession

I’ve never really collected things. I always thought getting things just to have them was kind of silly and a waste of time. But then for Christmas my brother got me a little Pop character, like you can find at Barnes and Noble. And I thought, “Why don’t I have more of these?”

The character was Kaylee Frye from the amazing TV show “Firefly.” My brother and I had been watching Firefly on Netflix and we absolutely love it. His favorite character is a thug-like trigger-happy guy named Jayne. My favorite is the character he got me, Kaylee the mechanic.

Anyway, counting Kaylee I had two Pop characters, her and Tinkerbell. I sat them together on my desk. They looked a little lonely.

So I went out to Barnes and Noble today and spent some of my gift cards that I had been keeping for a while on two more characters. I was really hoping to find a good Star Wars one and another Firefly character that I really like, but all the Star Wars ones were gone and the only Firefly characters were Kaylee and Zoe. (I like Zoe, but not as much as Mal or Wash.) So I grabbed Zoe and hunted for some other nerdy character that I liked. Lady Sif (from the Thor movies) was there, and she’s pretty cool, but then I found Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock Holmes’ brother. And I like Sherlock Holmes way more than Thor, so I ended up getting Mycroft.

Now Kaylee and Tinkerbell are less lonely! The four characters I have are sitting on the corner of my desk. They’re really quite cute. I can’t wait to collect more.


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