I love Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday. Everything is so cold and happy and snowy… Oh wait. No snow in the south. It was about 70 degrees yesterday and it’s 80 degrees today.

But even though this year we didn’t have a white Christmas, it still was a fabulous day. My sister Saffron woke me up at about 8, which is later than we’ve slept on past Christmases. We went downstairs and waited about half an hour for the rest of the family to wake up and join us. Then we opened the little goodies in our stockings (though I’m not sure if the younger girls, Saffron and Lilac, even believe in Santa anymore). After looking through the candy canes and games and fuzzy socks we got we made our way to the kitchen for breakfast. 

Every year since I can remember we’ve had homemade waffles for breakfast on Christmas. This year we didn’t. We had gooey cinnamon rolls (my request, my mom never makes them anymore). It was good, but different.

After breakfast, usually we would go outside and play in the snow, if there was any. Down south where we live, if there is snow, it’s going to melt before noon so you better enjoy it when it’s fresh. This year there was no snow, so we went straight to the present opening.

We did sibling gifts first. We all had one sibling to get a gift for. I had Lilac, and I gave her a scarf with cats on it. She really wanted a scarf. She was super excited to open it. My brother Cobalt had me, and his gift was perfect. It was one of those Funko Pop characters that you can find in Barnes and Noble. The character was Kaylee Frye from the TV show Firefly we had been watching together. Cobalt and I both enjoy the same sort of TV shows and movies; we played Lego Star Wars and other video games together a lot as little kids. So a little nerdy nod to the sort of thing we both enjoy was fantastic. The Pop character is sitting on my desk right now as I write. She’s adorable. I love Firefly.

After the sibling gifts we opened the others from extended family members and our parents. My sisters Lilac and Saffron got a lot of crafty things and Barbie dolls. Magenta, who is at that odd in between age of 12, got a mixture of makeup and Barbies and things like that. Cobalt got the video games he wanted and cooking things, like a deep fryer. He likes to cook. He’s pretty good at it too.

I got all sorts of different things, from t-shirts to makeup to gift cards. I’ll have a lot of shopping to do.

Our grandparents gave my siblings and I Disney Infinity for the PS3. It’s a cute video game where you can play as all sorts of different Disney characters, including Marvel and Star Wars. I played with Magenta and Saffron most of the morning. I was Tinkerbell. They were Perry the Platypus or Rapunzel.

Later that day I spent a lot of time talking with my mom about college and next year, my senior year of high school. I don’t know where I want to go, or how to get there. I don’t know when I can take my SATs or ACTs. We started figuring all that stuff out. I researched different colleges and compared them. It was a strange way to spend a Christmas afternoon, but it made me feel much better about my future.

But what makes Christmas the best day of the year isn’t the snow or the presents or the family time, it’s the reminder that Jesus was born for us, so that we could have all of this, and then died so that we can spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Some people want to take the Christ out of Christmas, the don’t want Christmas to be a Christian holiday. But then what is Christmas about if not celebrating the birth of the Savior?

I don’t know, some people get weird about Jesus around Christmas. Plus there’s always a ton of people that show up for church that haven’t been in a year. What about Christmas makes church suddenly important, or more important that the rest of the year? I don’t get it.

Now that Christmas is over we have to put away the lights and the tree and the songs. I’ll miss it. I love Christmas. But up next is New Year’s, a time for friends and resolutions that will be kept for about a week.

Until next time WordPress world,

~Miss Celadon 


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