Gingerbread Houses!

Me and my sisters just finished making our gingerbread houses for this year. We had missed it last year, so we were all really glad our mom remembered to get the stuff in time for us to do it before Christmas.  It was a little more stressful than expected, but it was fun.

 gingerbread house 1
Here’s the one I did with my littlest sister, Lilac. She’s 8. She did most of the decorating. I put together the house, which was WAY more difficult than I thought it would be. The frosting was so sticky! And the gingerbread walls did not want to stay up. The front of it cracked, but Lilac cleverly covered it up with orange dots. No one will know.

We ate some of the candy, of course, because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Why would it be made out of candy if you’re not supposed to eat any of it? But the second littlest sister, Saffron, (she’s 10) didn’t understand that exactly and tattletaled on us. Even though when she made her gingerbread house yesterday she ate more than half the candy. (And she did it with real candy too, like M&Ms and stuff.) Our mom didn’t get mad, but Saffron did when I told her tattletales don’t get candy. (She and my other sisters started taking candy.)

So Saffron threw a fit, which put a bit of a damper on the whole gingerbread house making. I was a little immature about it, not giving her any candy and all, but she broke the Sibling Code. The unspoken rule that siblings stick together and don’t tattle. She’ll get over it when we make cookies later today.

So Lilac and I made this gorgeous gingerbread house with some difficulty. And we ate sprinkles and frosting. It was great. 

 gingerbread house 1
gingerbread house 1   
 Our other sister, Magenta, (she’s 12) made a house out of graham crackers and real frosting and good candy that turned out beautiful. My favorite it the sprinkle snow on the ground. 🙂

 gingerbread house 2

Our 14 year old brother, Cobalt, either didn’t want to participate or thought he was too old for such shenanigans. (Even though I’m older than him.) He’ll probably join us for cookies later. So all that was a unexpected adventure of this morning. Happy Christmas Eve Eve!


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