Christmastime is Here

I love Christmas. It is truly the most wonderful time of the year. The weather cools down, so people bring out the hot chocolate and fuzzy blankets. You can curl up with a book all day with your cat and a warm drink. School is out, because of break or snow days. Everything is generally lazier and more relaxed. I love it.

And not only are we all more at ease with life, everyone is happier. It’s Christmastime! Nearly everyone celebrates Christmas, Christians and Atheists alike, and those who don’t have other holidays in the winter time as well. It’s a time to spend with family, to celebrate friends, to give gifts, to sing songs, and to be happy. Everything is alright during Christmastime.

It’s cold, we’re happy, and there’s food. Christmas cookies and candies, big turkeys and hams, feasts of all kinds on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In my family, we make a ton of Oreo balls, chocolate covered wafers, peanut clusters, and peppermint bark to give to our teachers and friends, and then eat the leftovers. When it’s closer to Christmas we make sugar cookies and frost them to give to Santa. Winter holidays are a time to get “fat and happy” as my mother says. It’s when all the good food comes out to play.

Not only is there good food, Christmas is also the best time for decorations. Who cares about Halloween and the haunted houses, Christmas lights are where it’s at. One of my favorite things to do during Christmas is to drive around the neighborhood and look at all the beautiful Christmas decorations. Some people go all out.

Winter is my favorite season for many reasons, but mostly because of Christmas. It’s the best holiday. Only a few more days to go until we reach the best day of the year!


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