Star Wars Sadness


I mean it now. This is a big spoiler.

Guys, I can’t get over it. Why did they have to kill him off? There was no point. And the scene wasn’t even given enough justice. It was like “Oh, look, this character that you love? Yeah, he’s dead now. Sorry. Kylo Ren wasn’t evil enough. He had to do something bad.”

Now where are we going to get all our good quotes? Han Solo was the most lovable, most quotable character in the Star Wars Franchise. Since apparently J.J. Abrams isn’t going to give us any more of him, I’ve collected some of my favorite Han Solo moments.

“I love you.” “I know.”

My favorite Han and Leia scene:

  “What a lovely smell you’ve discovered.”

Some of the best Han Solo moments from Star Wars: A New Hope:

(Let the Wookie win.) “Droids don’t tear people’s arms out of their sockets when they lose.”

When Leia awesomely insulted Han Solo and then kissed her twin:

“Laugh it up, Fuzzball.”

The age-old question: who shot first, Han Solo or Greedo?

(More to be added as I feel sad about the death of Han Solo) (Any favorite moments I’m missing?)


2 thoughts on “Star Wars Sadness

  1. And they didn’t even pay tribute to him after his death!!! They didn’t have a funeral, Rey hugs Leia (first time they meet) and they’re sad over Han’s death and YOU SEE CHEWIE WALK BY IN THE BACKGROUND LIKE HE CAME BACK FROM THE MALL!!! I hate it!!

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    1. I totally agree. Like when Han was stabbed I was thinking “There’ no way they’d actually kill him off” and then he fell and I was like “but they wouldn’t kill Han off, he’ll come back.” But he didn’t.


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