(This was meant to be posted about a month ago. I just never got around to it.)

When I was younger, my brother and I played video games together all the time. We started with Mario Kart on Nintendo’s Game Cube. From that we upgraded to Mario Party Eight. And then we got a Wii. 

And then we got Lego Star Wars.

My brother and I played through all the Lego Star Wars games there were, doing the levels again and again once we had beat the game. We were still too little to watch the movies, but already Star Wars had found a place in our hearts, in our childhood.

The preview for the new Star Wars movie set to release this December just played on TV. My dad and I watched it, rewound it, watched it again, went back again, watched it again, and then my brother came out of the shower so we had to watch it again. I have high expectations for this movie and lots of ideas as to what it might be about.

I am so excited.

It looks like the new movie follows the story of a main female character (it’s about time we get another good female character) and an African American storm trooper that doesn’t want to be a storm trooper. 
I can guess, based on what my dad and his dad have told me, that the girl is one of Princess Leia and Han Solo’s children. But I was told they had twins, a boy and a girl.

So where’s the other twin? Following in true Star Wars fashion, I would say it’s the Darth Vader-y looking evil guy. One good twin, one bad.

I also noticed Luke Skywalker hiding under his cloak next to R2-D2 in one of the quicker scenes.
And who could miss Chewbacca and Han Solo popping up right in the middle? Or Princess Leia?
I can’t wait until this December! Even if it ends up being terrible, Star Wars: The Force Awakens can’t be any worse than The Phantom Menace.

(I’m going to see Star Wars this Sunday!! Can’t wait!!)


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