My Teacher is a Meanie-Head

When life gets hard, ask yourself, “What would a four-year-old do?”

I work with preschoolers at my church, and let me tell you, it is hilarious. The things kids do or say can just be so funny because they process things differently than us. Their world is so small and enclosed. They don’t always see the bigger picture. So when a four-year-old throws a tantrum because they didn’t get the lollipop they wanted, we look at them and think “So? Kid, it’s just a piece of candy. Not even a good piece of candy. Get over it,” but to the kid that little piece of candy is EVERYTHING. They don’t have a big picture perspective like older kids and adults do.

Sometimes imagining my classmates as preschoolers makes them easier to handle. Some teenagers don’t have a big picture perspective and practically throw tantrums. Also, some people’s moms still make their lunches. Honestly, what sixteen-year-old can’t make their own lunch?

When I wrote the title of this post, I was not intending to talk about any of the things I just wrote about. So here’s the real topic:

Today in English my teacher informed us that our essay (which was supposed to be completed in class) was due tonight online. It’s thanksgiving break. We don’t have school for a week and yet we’re still getting homework. Not only has she cut down our time today, but when she first assigned the project she talked for half the class period, rambling off on some sort of tangent. (She does this A LOT.) She wasted time we could have been using for writing.

Now that I have to write this essay, I can’t go out to the movies with a friend, or out to dinner like we planned. I’m leaving with my family tomorrow for Chicago and have to pack, which is going to take a while as well. I thought maybe I could finish in time and we could go late, but now it’s just impossible.

So I’m mad at my teacher. Small-perspective, tantrum-throwing mad. And since it isn’t socially acceptable to throw a tantrum at sixteen, I’ll settle for behavior that’s just as immature but a little less obnoxious. My teacher is a meanie-head. Ha. A big one. (How do you like that Ms. McMichael?!) (Have fun grading my five page rhetorical analysis over the break)


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