Amazing Insight Into Christianity

I am a Christian. And when I say that outrightly to some people, well, sometimes they get a little mad.

“That means you’re homophobic!” they say. “That means you hate the way I live, you tell people they’re going to hell, you hate the new Starbucks cup, and you’re going to try and stuff a Bible down my throat!”

Well… no.

I mean some people that call themselves Christians do all these things. They use their religion to hate people instead of love them and to make themselves feel morally superior to others. This is wrong. This is not what I stand for. And I’ve been trying to think of a way to explain the things I do stand for when I found this blog post that says it all:


Why #MerryChristmasStarbucks is Everything Wrong with American Christianity

A few days ago, former pastor Joshua Feuerstein posted a video announcing a campaign against Starbucks due to their switch from festive holiday cups in previous years to a new plain red look for the 2015 holiday season. In the video, Feuerstein claims that Starbucks wanted to “take Christ and Christmas off of their brand new cups” because, […]


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