Teenagers and Politics

What role should politics play in the life of a high school student? This is the time in life when we decide what we believe and what we stand for. On one hand, it’s pointless for teenagers to discuss or try to figure out which side we’re on because we aren’t old enough to vote or do anything about it. On the other hand, we are going to be voting soon so we might as well.

But what we teenagers don’t realize is that we are not in the real world yet. Our biggest influences are still our parents. Most teens end up believing and standing for whatever their parents believe. Some pick the exact opposite just to spite them. Either way we have very little outside influence and worldly knowledge of right and wrong. We are still sheltered in the home of our parents.

So when teenagers begin to argue about the different political candidates that have been popping up these days, all of their ideas and arguments actually aren’t their own. Most people are just repeating things they’ve heard their parents say. Or they’re saying stupid things that don’t make any sense.

I try not to get involved in political arguments with other teenagers. None of us know enough to truly discuss either side. And most teenage political arguments fizzle out into immature jabs anyway.

I’m still trying to decide what I believe and what I stand for. To vote is to exercise your basic right as an American, and in a couple years I will have the ability to do so. It isn’t fully appreciated how rare the freedom we have is. I won’t take it for granted.


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