I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican.

While watching some of the past few debates and reading little bits and pieces about the many people vying for that presidential candidate spot, I’ve noticed one thing that they all have in common. All the candidates, at some point in their campaign, have bash the other political party.

This is something that makes me frown a little bit.

So your strategy to get more votes from your side is to say how silly the other side is? This creates an “Us vs. Them” mentality, this further divides the American people.

I’m going to be old enough to vote soon, so I have started paying more and more attention to what’s going on in the country. News articles focus on the low snides candidates make about one another and about the other political party. They force you to choose a side. You are either a Republican and ridicule the current president and the Democrats, or you’re a Democrat and you laugh about Republicans and how stupid they are.

Well, I think that’s stupid. And it’s quite ironic how in the middle of a presidential campaign you make fun of about half the people you plan to lead. Why is our greatest demonstration of freedom anad democracy also our greatest demonstration of the divisions within America?

Also, on a bit of a tangent: when is it ever okay to make fun of or criticize a group of people for believing/saying/acting/doing a certain thing? General statements like “Republicans are all stupid” or “Democrats are all crazy” obviously aren’t correct. Sure, it could apply to some, but not to everyone. If it isn’t correct, why say it at all? So many candidates say they stand with certain groups of people that have been the victim of these sort of statements, and yet they make these statements themselves. I think that says more about the morality of the person makng the statement then it does about the subject of the statement.

Our first and, in my opinion, greatest president, George Washington, wrote a letter as he was leaving office, warning the people after him of certain things they should not do. One of those things was create political parties. One of the first things we did after he left office was create political parties.

Though I dislike political parties, I do not ignore politics. I plan to excercise my basic right as an American once I am old enough to do so. In researching and keeping up with he presidential race, I have made a few observations:

  1. Donald Trump is annoying, very pushy, and forceful. He’d be the kind of person to get stuff done.
  2. Hillary Clinton is very likable and charming. It would be really exciting to have a woman as president. She seems to agree with everyone, though. Something about that seems fake. I don’t think I trust her.
  3. Jeb Bush is fighting an uphill battle. I don’t believe he will be president.
  4. Bernie Sanders seems kind of crazy, but a good kind of crazy.
  5. I’m not really sure how Ben Carson is so high up in the polls, but he seems pretty chill.
  6. There is a less popular candidate that I want as president, but I’ll write more on them later.

All these potential presidents are American people, American citzens. They shouldn’t be defined solely by their politcal parties. There are a lot of good people out there on both sides. Why immediately shut one out because of their political party? When choosing who to vote for, I am going to pick based on their morals and beliefs, their actions, their choice of words, and how they hold themselves. Even just looking at body language can tell you whether someone is confident enough in themselves to be the face of our country. I hate the fact that a discussion of possible presidents can quickly turn into an argument about who’s crazier, the Democrats or the Republicans. This country was created to be both a democracy, and a republic. Why does one have to be better? Aren’t both good?

I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am an American.


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