My Top Five Favorite TV Shows

My thing about TV shows is that every show seemingly starts out great. The first episode is amazing, the characters are hilariously realistic, and it ended on a cliffhanger so now you’re hooked. But somehow, the show just slowly deteriorates into a horrible plotless pile of sadness. That happens to me a lot and leaves me disappointed. So I’m picky when it comes to TV shows. They’ve got to be really good and stay good for me to want to watch them. Here are my top five favorite shows that beat the odds and were good enough for me to watch.

5. Warehouse 13



An exciting story about two government agents, Pete and Myka, that are recruited to hunt down dangerous and powerful artifacts and bring them back to Warehouse 13, the warehouse where all these dangerous artifacts are kept. It’s pretty funny and clever, with a lot of interesting plot twists and interesting characters.

The reason this one is is in my top five isn’t so much for the storyline or anything really about the TV show, but the fact that this is one of the first shows my little brother and I decided to watch together. We’d turn on Netflix every Friday night and watch an episode or two of this. It was a bonding experience for the two of us. We actually never finished the show because the last season or two was never put on Netflix. It still isn’t on Netflix.

 4. Heroes


Everybody loves superheroes. You just can’t go wrong with the stereotypical good guy vs. bad guy plot. In this show, a variety of main characters discover they have unique abilities. They have to come to terms with their abilities and figure out what to do with them. To heighten the drama, a serial killer known as “Sylar” is on the loose and hunting down the people with abilities so he can take them for himself. Sylar (played by Zachary Quinto) is absolutely terrifying and an amazing villain, especially in the first season. Actually everyone in the first season is amazing. In the second season things start going downhill fast. Really fast. I watched it until the end because I had high hopes, but sadly “Heroes” never reached the greatness it had in the beginning. One of the main protagonists, Peter Petrelli (played by Milo Ventimiglia) is fantastic throughout the series, but the rest of the characters are either weak or get really annoying. 

The series is being revived this fall. I’ll probably watch it, even though none of my favorite characters are coming back.

3. Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide


Flashback to middle school, the place everyone tries to forget. I haven’t rewatched this show in years because THEY TOOK IT OFF NETFLIX 😦 😦 but my brother and I watched it while I was in middle school. I found it hilarious and extremely accurate. The characters were realistic and adorable, the plot line wasn’t redundant, and it ended before the series started spiraling downhill (like “Heroes”). It only had three seasons, for the three years of middle school.

The show followed three friends: Ned, Jennifer “Moze” Mosely, and Cookie. They went through the typical trials of middle school, involving homework, horrible teachers, and relationships. The relationship thing was cute and not overdone like in most tween-age shows. I wanted to rewatch this show the other day, for nostalgia purposes, but Netflix had taken it away…

2. Merlin


Just BARELY number two in the list of my favorites is the BBC show “Merlin”, the epic tale of King Arthur’s greatest and most magical advisor and the various adversaries the two of them face. The main character, Merlin, (played by Colin Morgan) is hilariously awkward at times, very sweet, and a very likable main character. The relationship between Arthur and Merlin is tense at first, but throughout the show it melds into a kind of friendship that is the source of most of the comedy. Basically, throughout the series Merlin struggles with the idea that it’s his destiny to help Arthur become the great king that he’s supposed to be. Arthur or Merlin (but mostly Arthur) almost die pretty much every episode, so they take turns saving one another from a wide variety of villains. The supporting characters are also fantastic- there’s Gwen, who is super sweet and helps Merlin with some of his more out-of-the-box ideas, Lancelot, who is the most attractive character on the show, and Gwaine, who shows up later and is just amazing.

The biggest reason why Merlin is not my all-time favorite TV show is because of the fifth season. They killed off a couple of my favorite characters, didn’t resolve any of the problems, and the plot line stuttered to a boring stop. It makes me very sad. All the characters were so lovable.

Unlike “Heroes”, “Merlin” hasn’t been and probably won’t be revived. I suppose there isn’t much more of the Arthurian legend they could use and they killed off all the good characters….

On a more interesting and happier note, Katie McGrath, who played Morgana on “Merlin”, appeared in Jurassic World recently. She’s an amazing actress.

1. Lost


How do I even begin to explain this show? It’s complicated and fills you up with more and more questions than answers every episode. The characters are realistic, flawed, and likable. The plot stays strong to the very end. “Lost” is one of those shows that after it ended, I wasn’t able to start another show because nothing was as good.

The basic plot of “Lost” is that a plane has crashed on this island, leaving the survivors to fend for themselves and contend against the wilderness, each other, a strange smoke monster, and other people living on the island. The story is told partly through flashbacks into individual characters’ lives before the crash, telling why and how they got onto the plane and what their lives were like before the island. It’s pretty intense at times, and he excitement is always running high.

One of the reasons that this show is one of my favorites is that the characters are so well written. They all have extreme flaws and sketchy pasts, but somehow you can still root for them in the end. I like the questions the show poses, and they way you have to figure out the plot and how different characters connect to one another. It’s like a puzzle.
So there you are: my top 5 favorite TV shows. And they are all on Netflix! (Except Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide…but I already mentioned that). 

Honorable mentions that didn’t make the list: Psych, Chuck, Terra Nova (was so bad it was good), and Phineas and Ferb.


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