Guest Post: Vivian

I’m too lazy to make my own blog but I write too much not to do something with all of it. This one is about Oliver. I first want to thank Celadon for letting me hijack her blog. She’s pretty cool – a great friend, an okay writer. 🙂 We’ve worked on some stuff together […]

To Be Friends or Not To Be Friends

The summer after senior year and the tough decisions that make themselves. I’ve had the same group of friends since third grade. It started with me, Maroon, and Lilac. In fifth grade we met Cornflower and the four of us became a solid group. We added more people throughout middle and high school, ending up […]

The Brink of Failure

My mom told me that when it comes to writing, it’s about the process, not about the product. My aunt approaches crafts with preschoolers the same way; when the parents arrive for their child she feels perfectly fine handing them a green fingerprint mess while her co-workers would attempt to make it look more like […]

Beauty and the Beast Review

So sorry I haven’t blogged in forever! I’ve been working on some creative writing projects with the goal of publishing–more on that later. Here is the latest piece I wrote for my school newspaper over the new live-action Beauty and the Beast: I’ve never been a fan of Beauty and the Beast. I didn’t understand […]

My Favorite Rogue One Posters

To take a brain break from my novel, and also because I can’t stop thinking about this movie, I’ve collected some of my favorite movie posters for Rogue One from the deepest parts of the internet. Some of these are fan made and some of theses are real, but I’ve enjoyed them all so it […]